Sunday, November 3, 2013

#OUAT Pilot recap of characters

 Okay what do we know:

We know our main characters are:

Prince Charming


AKA John Doe
Now Prince Charming married Snow White
Snow White
AKA Mary Margaret Blanchard


Now Mary and John Doe AKA Snow and Prince had a baby girl named

AKA Emma Swan

Now Emma had a boy named Henry who she gave away at birth
Henry was adopted by Regina Mills

AKA the Evil Queen (and the one who put the curse on the Fairytale creatures sending them here to this world where no HEA are allowed)

Now those are your main players... besides those 4 we were introduced to other side characters that we will get to know as the story goes...

 First up is Archie AKA Jimmy Cricket

Then we have Red and Granny (which I think she is called Ruby in the real world)

Leroy who is one of the dwarfs Grumpy in case you couldn't guess


Geppetto and Pinocchio (who happens to be a real boy in Fairy world and yet no where to be seen so far in Storybrooke) 


We also meet a blue fairy which I have no idea who she is in real life yet...

We meet Mr. Gold which is actually Rumpelstiltskin (sorry only have a picture of Gold will get another of Rumpel later)

Going out on a limb and saying that is all we have met... ooh no wait we met the mysterious Graham who I can't remember who he is and we haven't met his fairy tale character yet...
Alright so far these are the major players in the game we call Once Upon a Time AKA OUAT for short...

If I am missing anyone by all means catch me up!

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