My list of things to complete by 1/4/16

My co-worker does a thing every birthday where she states she will try to do (X) amount of things before her (X) birthday. So for me it would be 34 things I want to do while 34... (Yes you read that right I am going to be 34)... YIKES...

Anyway 34 things I would like to do while 34 are...

INTELLECTUAL (most of these will be posted at the reading blog)
1. Complete the 52 books in 52 weeks challenge (I really miss reading and now that I am no longer a student it would be nice to get back to it)

2. I would like to get rid of 52 books off my shelf (ones I liked but don't feel they are NEED TO KEEP and take up space) I can do this by completing my TBR reading challenge

3. I would like to pick up a new hobby to do while watching TV like either crochet or knitting possibly cross stitch again...

4. I would like to finish teaching myself Greek it is something that I enjoyed and would like to learn more of and how to read it properly.

5. I want to complete my 5 year journal by actually participating in the majority of it this year (you can check it out here)

6. I would like to clean off my kindle and get it under 600 books

7. I would like to get back to reviewing more of the books that I have read just for memory sake and seriously I read some really, really good books that need to be shared with the world.

8. Complete my alphabet title reading challenge

9. Read 15 new to me authors

10. Finish 3 series that I have sitting on my shelves

11. Brush up on my ancient and medieval history (my undergrad degree is in this) I sorely miss reading more history.

12. I completed a fast for the first time yesterday and feel that I should do it more often. I would like to do another fast in this year. I truly felt it brought me closer to God.

13. Find a church that both mom and I enjoy going to on Sunday. I think it is time to get back into the church scene.

14. I would like to read the complete Bible this year. I need to completely re-read it and dig in deeper to the Word.

15. I would like to finish up a few Bible studies this year either through my Bible study partner (A you know who you are) or my Bible Study group.

16. Complete a nothing by religious music for 30 days challenge

17. I would like to keep a spiritual journal for when reading the Bible and any inspiration that strikes me during that time.

18. For my Christmas gift from one of my besties I got a Garmin Vivo fit thingy and it has challenged me to walk 7500 steps daily. I would like to reach that goal.

19. Once I reach the goal of 7500 steps I would like to increase it before 35 to 10,000 steps a day (I live a very low to little moment lifestyle and need to change that.)

20. I would like to continue my week of no soda and in my 34th year I would like to completely break the addiction to soda. Basically I need to drink more water and my goal this year is to do just that.

21. With all that I would like to add in 3 days of some type of exercise or movement. I do not exercise currently and with my lifestyle and diet I am not a 100% at my best.

22. I would like to get into the habit of taking my vitamins and thyroid medicine so that 34 can be the healthiest year yet for me.

23. I would also ideally like to get back down to the weight on my driver's license...

WEALTH... or lack thereof
24. I would like to complete my no spend month which started 4 days ago in an attempt to get me to stop eating fast food, spending money for no reason and to help me plan in advance.

25. I would like to work on my debt and getting out of it for once... instead of deeper

26. I actually would like to start a savings account and I don't maybe actually put money in it for a rainy day or vacation or something.

27. There are 2 paintings at IKEA that are calling my name that I need to save up for...

28. I would like to go to KC Planet Comic Con in March to see a few actors that I am dying to meet!

29. I would like to go to St. Louis Wizard World in May to see more actors

30.I would like to go to Chicago in August to the Stargate Con (I mean I have to go to this one)

31. I would like to take a cruise vacation with my friend Natty per our usual girls vacation trip once a year. I need to renew my passport so I can take said cruise...

32. I would like to compete a few TV series on Netflix so that I can actually be in the hip and now community about Breaking Bad, Community, New Girl, Arrow, and well you get the idea (may do a separate post on it)

33. I would like to complete the 100 days of happiness challenge on Instagram and Twitter (you can keep up with me by clicking the links above starts today!)

34. Spend some more time with my mom! I am blessed that she is so close to me and I need to appreciate it more

***Lastly I am doing a success jar for 2015. Any moments that I am proud of go in the jar and next year on New Years Eve I am going to read about all the times I was proud of in 2015! I am super excited to do it. There will be a follow up post here very soon I promise ***

I will keep you guys all update on how I do! Wish me luck after this week this will move to the pages and I will keep a page of updates!

What are some things you would like to do this year?

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