Monday, October 29, 2012

Zaboo the Guild Review

Zaboo the Indian loving, game playing, trying to prove he's a man to Codex, and mama's boy comic review.
This one didn't really show anything new about Zaboo that wasn't answered in Season 1 of The Guild. The really cool thing about this one is the simple fact of Zaboo's escape. I loved how it was done in a video game type manner. LOL and sadly I envisioned that this is how it went down in Zaboo's mind.

Otherwise I am not sure why this comic was done. sure it was a cute quick read but, personally it didn't provide anything new nor did it really help me with my understanding of the series.

Would I suggest it? Sure if you haven't seen the series then I HIGHLY suggest it as a way to introduce the characters. If you are HUGE fan of Zaboo then it would be an interesting way of knowing more. But, if Zaboo is just a character you sort of kind of like or you have been with the series since the beginning you could miss this one and be fine. That being said if you are a Guild nerd like me just owning it makes you feel complete ;-)

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