Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Broca Divide

First review up and I'm starting with episode 5 b/c the genius that I am sent back my disc 1 to netflix instead of their disc 5 of Stargate Atlantis and now I'm stuck with 2 disc one of which I don't need.
Anyway this is The Broca Divide review....

This one was hard for me to review and I have a feeling all of Stargate is going to be this way. The reason: the technology is old (this was filmed in the late 90's) the special effects are nothing like they are now. The writing while it has it moments really does come across as cheesy as it is. And well you will either love the show or hate it. I happen to love it based on the characters and their chemistry alone. So keep that in mind as this review goes on b/c there aren't a lot of good things I can say about it.
We always start off on a planet or at the home base in Colorado. Of course this time we are in CO. discussing if they should go on a planet or not. A planet they have named P3X279 which Daniel Jackson happens to suggest they come up with better names for the planet and I happen to agree. However, Daniel and I are the only ones who think like this. They are debating if they should go to this planet b/c its well dark and their robot hasn't shown them any signs. So they have no idea what or whom they will be walking in on. Jack (played by Richard Dean Anderson AKA MacGyver for you 80's fans) doesn't like walking in on a situation he isn't sure what will be waiting for him but he isn't going to let the Marines go first.

***Sidenote: all throughout the 10 seasons of this show they call out Chevron 1 encoded, Chevron 2 encoded, ect. up to chevron 7 it drives me batty)***

Anyway the crew goes through and sure enough its dark and although we can see movement we have no idea what is going on (we are looking through night visions) Well whatever they are attacks and it turns out they are cavemen with clubs. We survive so no worries there folks. The group witnesses an almost rape where Samantha (AKA Amanda Tappings whom I happen to enjoy a lot more in Sanctuary a whole hell of a lot more then her role as Capt. Samantha "Sam" Carter) decides she is not going to sit by and watch this. Thankfully they are saved from interferring by people clothed in all white.
Again the team is mistaken for Gods b/c only Gods can travel through the gate. This actually makes sense to me which is strange b/c a lot of this show doesn't. Like the fact that every planet they go on everyone speaks English it's amazing LOL. Plus every planet looks like Canadia.

Anyway they do manage to give every planet a different culture and timeline that exists on Earth at some point or is far beyond Earth's technology so at least things are mixed up. This time period is the Minoan time period that worships bulls and dresses really strage (like the men wear belly shirts strange) Anyway they explain the "touched" vs. the "untouched" thought process. Those who are touched are cursed to look and act like animals so they are sent to the woods.

Jack decides that they are done here and there is no reason for them to remain. However, both Daniel and Sam think they should stay. Back at home base the argue the point which it turns out is really pointless b/c the General and the President agrees with Sam and Daniel. Until....

A couple of the men that went on the mission start fighting, then Sam attacks Jack in a totally Sexual OMG she so going to rape him way, then Jack attacks Daniel and suddenly the whole base is acting like animals. Except for Daniel and Teal'c who seem to not have contracted the disease. Oh that and the doctor Fraiser which is just beyond handy LOL.

Okay so now Daniel and Teal'c go back to the world to figure out what causes this and Teal'c loses Daniel to the "touched" but manages to get the blood sample from one of the "untouched"
Dr. Fraiser manages to discover that the "untouched" take clarinton D (not really but basically they have antihistamine in their system something the "touched" don't have) So a cure is found and Jack is given the cure.

They head back b/c Teal'c admits that he lost Daniel Jackson. When they get there we discover that the almost raped woman has now turned and apparently Daniel is her mate which leads Jack to say my favorite quote from the episode "Daniel you dog, keep this up and you'll have a girl on every planet" (this will all make sense the more I review b/c Daniel is hot and well all the alien women love him)

So they shoot Daniel with the cure and show the "untouched" their cure and all the families are reunited. And you have the end!

Story: gets a B (mainly b/c of the Clariton D issue if it had been something cooler I would've given it an A)

Lesson Learned: Always take allergy medicine before heading to another planet.

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