Friday, September 5, 2014

Brief Candle

Another brief review from SG-1 This time we are on Brief Candle - Episode 9 for those of you keeping track...

Okay so we open with a guy in a temple praying for help when suddenly the gate opens and here comes our cast of heroes... er to the rescue... er which turns out to mean helping with the birth of a child. They all turn to Carter who can't help "What don't look at me I don't know what to do" kind of just b/c I'm a woman doesn't mean I know what to do in this situation...

Turns out we don't need to panic b/c Daniel Jackson has delivered 1 baby and what do ya know they name it after him. This of course leads to a party outside where the crew finds themselves surrounded by beautiful people.

"Do things feel a little off here?" Jack ask right before he is seduced by a beautiful woman. How is he seduced well she offers him cake that only he can eat and then she dances for him. Somehow Jack in a drugged induced stupor decides to sleep with her. This all seems like a typical Saturday night for me and reminds me of a Firefly episode where Capt. Reynolds marries a native without knowing it. This is exactly what happens to Jack. (SO MORAL LESSON MEN: Don't eat or drink from foreign women unless you are very familiar with the customs are just don't care that you picked yourself up a bride).

Anyway the crew discovers that each person on the beautiful island falls dead asleep at night only to awaken at dawn. And they only get 100 days... yep you read that right 100 days to party and live their lives. The problem with this is, Jack has already lived beyond the 100 days so he begins to age rather quickly. And can I just add that he doesn't take aging well in fact he is down right crappy about it.

Seeing what is happening the team tries to figure out what is going on. They determine that the G'ould used these people as lab rats and placed nanobots AKA replicators in their bodies to help with the aging process. (this is important in the story line later in both the SG1 and Atlantis but we shall leave it for now) Oh here's a side note I use nano technology in my hair straightener

Alright back to the show Jack begins to age very rapidly and not well I might add. He becomes bitter and cranky and yada yada yada... Finally Jack gets over his anger at dying and decides to live his life happy with the girl he married which means basically he walks with her and tells her about life on his planet. That's when they discovered the statue that Jack destroyed was what kept the replicators replicating (say that five times fast) When the rest of the crew return back they help to set the dial thingy back to normal and Jack well we assume since he's in the next 7 season returns to normal YEAH!!! Oh and all these people begin to live normal lives b/c the way they were living wasn't good enough to the SG1 team so they had to change it and prove that living long is SO MUCH better and with Jack as a shinning example who wouldn't want to live longer.

Lesson Learned: Don't eat anything given to you by a strange woman or man until you know the customs of that planet/culture. There's nothing worse then finding out your married and not know it.

Grade: C I actually hated this story line and wish I could put my finger on why but the older I get the less and less I like this one.

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