Sunday, October 28, 2012

Da Chiefs

So I know there are a lot of sports nerds out there in the world today and I for one am not a sports fan. I can get into it and I don't mind watching it... but, I'm just not a nerd like my dear friend Natty is. Now being a friend of a sports nerd has its perks. For one I am always the person they call when someone cancels last minute on going to the game. I am also the one that gets invited to go to the "exclusive" sports trivia night or meet the players. Why? B/c while I am not a sports nerd I appreciate the nerdy goodness that the sports nerds share.

I understand about being obsessed with something so much you have a whole room dedicated to it. I also get the "don't call me and expect me to answer the phone when my team is playing" chant. I love the atmosphere at the games (It reminds me of the atmosphere at the cons I go to) and I totally get the whole OMG DID YOU SEE XYZ HE'S SO FREAKING AWESOME!!! Or the occasionally I JUST HAVE TO GET HIS AUTOGRAPH BUT I JUST CAN'T SAY A WORD to him b/c he ROCKS MINE!

And I really love that everyone has a tee shirt, sweatshirt, beanie hat, hoodie or something with their favorite teams, the know the stats, they know which player is out due to injury, hell they even know why their player is out. And honestly I LOVE IT! Not the game per say (then again who doesn't enjoy grown men smacking the crap out of each other) but the fans. SO today I head off to watch the Chiefs (in very cold weather mind you and many of layers) to take on our archenemies the Raiders. So while I hope (REALLY REALLY HOPE FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THINGS HOLY) that they win... I am also just happy to be around fellow Nerds who for the most part have no idea how nerdy they are *wink*

So wherever you are watching a game and whatever team you are rooting for I salute you! Enjoy your nerd hood and know that the "other" types of Nerds get it. We really do!

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