Saturday, November 2, 2013

#OUAT Pilot part 2

And b/c I left you with really sappy screen caps yesterday I pick up right where I left off a father's love for his daughter (go ahead you know you cried when you saw it you can do it again cause the waterworks are a running at my house) Oh and once again there are a BUTT TON of photos so enjoy! Here we go!

HA take that bad guys Emma is safe but OH NOES is the prince?
Meanwhile back in Storybrooke Emma finds Henry and takes him home again after crushing his heart telling him she is no one's savior

If you ask me and I know you are not asking I would say Snow and Charming have lost their HEA I mean come on Evil Queen look at them! They give up their baby minutes after its born, Charming is dying and Snow is in pain. YOU WIN... and yet it's not over yet dearie (that dearie part is important in later episodes)

Then back in Storybrooke...

 ooh ooh Regina is using the Mirror to comfort herself like she would've in the Enchanted Forest that Evil Queen... she has to know right?

 BOOM take that Wonderland here's a hint of the Queen of hearts at Granny's Bed and Breakfast which means this has to be Red Riding Hood and Granny...
 See told ya she was Red Riding Hood oh and apparently according to Granny a slut no less

 Here is Rump AKA Mr. Gold who I did not get a good pic of when he was in his fairytale ish character Rumplestilken (sp?) He owns the town folks
 Oh look another swan clue no idea what they all add up to but there you go
 And once the key is excepted the clock moved a whole minute and everyone in the town when HORRAH er... maybe not but

 Henry did!!!
So what do you think? If you've seen it post warnings if you haven't are you interested? I really do heart this show and being able to sit back 2 years later and re-watch it with the same awe and wonder is impressive. A few questions are getting answered along the way and it is triggering some memories of other things as well. Really enjoying my re-watch!

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