Friday, November 1, 2013

#OUAT Pilot thoughts and screen caps A BUTT TON of them

It's time for a re-watch AKA get my mom hooked needless it didn't work LOL so instead I got a chance to re-watch it at a slower pace.

Come on how can you not be hooked on this show just by that alone? No still not well hold on to your pants.
This is kind of depressing when you think about it...
Okay u get it we are being UBERLY set up for something AWESOME!!!
It starts off with a man riding a white horse really, really fast!! And we come across a couple of what could be called dwarfs and a glass coffin
We are told the Prince is too late she is already gone, but he wants to say goodbye which by all accounts is creepy. In this one time though it is actually sweet and VERY romantic so here's the screencaps to help you understand without words... UNDERSTAND THERE IS A BUTT TON OF SCREEN CAPS SO MANY I HAD TO BREAK THIS INTO 2 DAYS Y'ALL 2 DAYS... SERIOUSLY

So there you OOH OOH and here is the were the favorite famous line is: I will always find you... comes from.
Then we see Snow and Charming's wedding which can I just say this girl's hair needs some serious work why oh why would you go with that look...

Lots of people in attendance at this wedding and then the lovely Evil Queen shows up. I say lovely b/c of her costumes LOL love it and them they only get better with time!

Any who we end up here with the queen telling them to enjoy this day b/c it is the last happy day they will have and then poof she leaves just like that. Then we jump ahead to Emma Swan who we figure out is Snow and Charming's daughter and a little boy named Henry who turns out to be Emma's son who she gave up. Now stick with me here but Henry is the adopted son of Regina Mills (AKA Evil Queen and Regina actually means queen in a different language) Okay Okay you can figure out it all works and more by watching the episode so no more talking from me just screen caps

NERD MOMENT: my thoughts of where it might go and what questions I have b/c even though I am caught up to current season going back adds questions and ah ha moments. So after screen shots just move on don't read further unless you want to hear my ah ha moments and questions LOL nerd moment over...






 These next few scene are heartbreaking absolutely heartbreaking. Cry every time I see them!

Okay I have to admit things make a whole lot more sense 2nd time around so know that.
Also I did see flying monkeys!!! So maybe eventually Oz will be coming up as one of the lands cause there is clearly a picture of wonderland and we know we get there eventually

I have to admit I found the flashbacks to fairytale land a little more interesting this time around.
It did help to understand where they are going with it so that made following the jumping around easier
What the hell is the flying thing with the horn it can't be a unicorn but it looks like a unidragon LOL it comes right before the curse.

Oh and the whole curse thing makes WAY more sense now.
And remind me never to crash in Storybrooke cause instead of a hospital they take you to jail. What if she had a major conscious or something come on guys?!
I feel so bad for Snow and Charming in this episode I mean wow just wow...
Also I don't care what any of you say Regina loves Henry so I have no idea what Emma was reading off her about lying when it came to that cause clearly she does.
Also I forgot who Graham was had to go back and look that up interesting
Oh and did you notice all the subtle yet not hints... through out of swan? Or hell fairytale land in Henry's room?

More coming up on tomorrow's post!

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