Monday, October 28, 2013

Curse you #PLL AKA Pretty Little Liars

Curse this freaking show seriously! It is my last year of grad school and yet I am hooked on this WONDERFULLY SUSPENSFUL FULL OF TWISTS, TURNS, AND BEAUTIFUL OUTFITS... NOT TO MENTION MEN SHOW.

Gawd help me I am not even freaking caught up yet. I am only mid-way through Season 3 and yet I find that I can't help but snatch an episode here or there. To sneak one in as I am reading abnormal, eating, or heck at this point showering LOL. I hate that I am addicted to this show and the twist then to add to it now we have a spin freaking off with my favorite character Caleb! OMG I don't need this. Seriously I can't possibly focus on graduation or finals or papers with this show! UGH!

So yes I say curse them and yes I have a CRAP TON of Questions, but since the PLL fan club is a little cray cray I won't ask b/c they tend to spoil shit for you without truly meaning to <3. Needless to say as I watch episodes I post them over on the (all the shows I talk about during the airing AKA when I watch them I tweet there about to not annoy the normal people who don't give a crap and follow me on my other twitter page) or you can follow me on Get Glue I think my name is Saraileeb

Otherwise until I can fully wrap my beautiful little head around this show there is not hope in GOD that I could ever explain it without giving it away. I am also positive there is a Wiki page somewhere out there for this lovely mind blowing show!

So what do you think of it? Are you a fan of PLL? Are you caught up? Is Ravenwood worth the investment or should I stick with PLL?

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