Thursday, October 24, 2013

#OUAT Wonderland

I am not sure where I stand on this show. I can't tell you if I like it or if I don't. Maybe I am just being harsh b/c I love #OUAT so much that I expected to be sucked into this show as fast as I was the original. Maybe it's simply b/c Alice is not one of my favorite storylines and then combine it with Aladdin and I'm not sure if I will enjoy it. Needless to say I am still not sure about this show. I will show you the tweets as I go through the first episode. I am hoping to talk about the 2nd and 3rd episode next week as I have midterms this week.

Here were my thoughts on the first airing of Wonderland as it was airing...

How was the Knave of hearts in Storybrooke? When did he come over and how the frack did he get there...
OH look Ashley so that's where she went which is to say she disappeared except for a brief cameo in a spinoff. Good to know pregnant side character = banishment to split second cameo on spinoff shows and nothing more...
wow short cameo and kind of stupid and not sure of the point except to show us this is an #OUAT show...
How are we in London now? And is this in the past has to be no one wears a corset anymore? Wait I'm confused can the rabbit time travel now?
When did freaking Alice go from whinny my life sucks I imaged my True Love and now I'm going to kick ass and destroy everything in my way to get back to him b/c oh he's real and well might be alive. What's the point of the Knave if he isn't going to fight at all?
Nice I did enjoy the fact the doctor saw the freaking rabbit
WTF did they just land in? Is that desert and why did they stop walking seriously how can you survive Wonderland if you can't even figure out not to stop walking on the googy crap
Regina is so much cooler as an evil queen then this red queen. Why does she pucker her lips when she talks does she think that is sexy.
Who is this red queen and how in the world did she get the job after Cora? SIDENOTE she is the red queen Cora was the Queen of hearts felt stupid when I finally realized this LOL
So this is after the curse which makes more sense in the timeline of things. Sucky cause a visit from Hatter would've been a nice touch but I guess he is busy filming Captain America 2
The red queen is kind of a wuzzy almost as if she hasn't had the job long
WTF is up with Jafar's hair?
Alice one moment is a kick ass girl the next a total idiot believing anything and everything in hopes that her true love is alive
Oh and guess what he is so if you don't have to ask if it's real and the heart glows why did she think he was dead to begin with?
Why did the red queen want him only to send him over a cliff (never mind but still what?! weak)
So not liking this yet mid way through and haven't had a change of heart
How is the queen not fat with all those cakes around
Who does the rabbit really work for?
What is with these wishes and how do they work?
Damn that is a scary ass cat... seriously wicked
There is more to this show I know I just am underwhelmed with it so really stopped paying attention... I do hope it will pick up soon

What did you guys think? Did you love it/hate it/ in different towards it? What questions do you have?

New episode is on tonight if you want to follow along as I tweet you can at (all the shows I talk about during the airing AKA when I watch them I tweet there about to not annoy the normal people who don't give a crap and follow me on my other twitter page) or you can follow me on Get Glue I think my name is Saraileeb LOL
I fell so let down with this show

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