Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Supernatural Season 9 catch up #SPN

WOW what a season so far there is so much I can say and not say and yet say. First and foremost I haven't seen all of season 8 so boy have mercy I was kind of confused at the season final recap/rewatch for you all. So when we opened up it was all over the place for me. Here were some of my thoughts from the #getglue app on my phone. Which you can follow all my TV thoughts on @SaraiNerdingOut twitter page LOL this way I am not annoying everyone following me on Sarais_thoughts ;)

Anywho here were my thoughts during the season opener...
Ekeziel I kind of hawt in his little meat suit but sure as hell can't fight
Did she just kidnap Cass? I hope it is b/c she thinks he's hot
Guess not she's just a psycho angel that wants his sexy little vessel. Sick witch ugh
Dean just stabbed Bobby in Sam's head confusing yes but still not cool Dean not cool
Damn it how many times must Bobby die?
Death is here!!!
Well damn that was an ass kicking handed to Dean by the freaking angels
where do they go since there is no heaven... #thoughtstoponder
Well damn at least heal Dean before you go E
Well played my boy ~ Spoken by death which makes it cool and creepy all at the same time
Promise me that I stay dead this time LOL DAMN Sam u know u don't want to die but I get the point of that question Lord knows we don't need ya walking around without a soul again or hell worse eww
Dean needs some healing E you help a bro out
Of course Cass could use some healing love too sheesh in #fanfic we call this whump
Dan girl don't be pissing off Cass he ain't afraid to kill
See told ya witch don't be pissing off Cass angel or not he knows how to use the silver sticky thingy that puts y'all in your place
There ain't no me if there ain't no you ~ HOLY CRAP tear! UPER SWEET DEAN UPER SWEET
Sam's an angel now literally lol ;) That's going to piss him off course it's got to be better then being Lucifer right (yes, yes he was an angel too but whatev I don't count him)
Oh goodie another secret Dean has to keep that will bite him in the ass later
Strip Cass go ahead with your bad self strip down WHOO FREAKING HOO
aww poor Cass no more suit
Being human sucks doesn't it Cass should've showed more loved to the rest of us buddy
Cosmo moment in the car
PLEASE find Cass I'm not sure how long he can last on his own.

Alright my tweets from Tuesday
Wonder if E will actually give up Sam when all is well
Confused lose nukes walking around down here ~ Aahahaha funny Dean and yet classic at the same time
How about we go Zero Dark Thirty on his ass ahahahaha
Oh yeah he's the junk in my trunk ~ Gawd Dean's off to a #hellofastart LOL
Then Kevin shoots at Dean and ask Your alive?
Yes no thanks to your shooting Katniss LOL love the reference wonder if Dean read the book or just watched the movie in his spare time LOL
I'm pretty backed up ~ TMI Kevin TMI
Poor Crowley hates being all alone
It's going to be a busy year HA foreshadowing much Dean ;)
Aw E's wings r jacked up poor little thing
Whose the chick again WTF is up her demon butt?
So E is now Z since that is what Dean is going to call him so I guess I might as well jump on the damn bandwagon
Oh yeah and I'm awesome so there's that ~ Gawd Dean had the best lines in this episode.
So hawt chick I don't trust she is bad news and will die cause well she's hawt and those kind of females don't last long on this show
Aw the fam is growing between Dean, Sam, Kevin and Cass it was nice hearing that from Dean
Seriously am I the only one concerned that Cass who by your definition Dean is not here with the damn family? HE'S HUMAN HE AIN'T GOING TO MAKE IT ON HIS OWN.
Where the frack is Cass?
You're happy b/c there is an angel inside of you Sammy It's the angel talking and making things right

So basically that was a bunch of scattered thoughts unless you watch the show as you read it LOL so here's a quick recap Sam was injured and wanted to die just to make it all end. Dean in turn made a deal with an angel known as Ezekiel AKA E AKA Z to let him possess Sam in order to heal them both then Z will leave and Sam will b good. Problem Sam can't know b/c he will eject Z and they both die. So add 1 secret up to the year already that will either drive a wedge between the brothers or hell just end their relationship all together. During all this Cass kills an angel and realizes that he's human which isn't as easy as he was led to believe. He lost his suit (which in psychology 101 that is the same as losing your identity) he's hungry, thirsty and well broke. Not to mention an little banged up. As if all that wasn't sad enough Crowly is locked in the basement a cray cray knight of something is trying to take his throne, Kevin beats the loving crap out of him and then tries to leave to find mama. Dean convinces him to stay, D and S get their asses handed to them until Z shows up and now they have to figure out how to get the angels back in heaven, shut the gates of hell without dying, and clean up the damn mess they've made.

See just like any other season! So what did you think of the last few episodes? Do you like where they are going with it? Are there any #SaveCass fans out there?

New episode is on tonight if you want to follow along as I tweet you can at https://twitter.com/SaraiNerdingOut (all the shows I talk about during the airing AKA when I watch them I tweet there about to not annoy the normal people who don't give a crap and follow me on my other twitter page) or you can follow me on Get Glue I think my name is Saraileeb LOL

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