Monday, October 21, 2013

My Thoughts on Agents of Shield

So first off I have stuck with this show for the last 4 weeks and I listen to the podcast about it to make sure I understand what the heck is going on. I realize that while I am a nerd on some things I am not a nerd on all things and this is one area where I am weak especially when it comes to tying things in with the Marvel's universe. So please keep that in mind.

Now I Have to admit I was a HUGE fan of all the movies released so far in the Marvel universe except for Thor (don't hate I just didn't like it)

NERD MOMENT: And it would figure that's the movie they would pick to make the first Avenger movie off of. Figures no?!

So now that we cleared that up I have to admit that I was and am in love with Coulson I do heart him a lot so when he died in NY I cried... seriously there was a lot of tears. So when this show was announced and I saw that he was back I decided GAME FREAKING ON I must watch because I want to know how Coulson is back.

Now back to the point. After 4 weeks of watching this show I have to say I am getting MAJORLY disappointed in it. Here I thought it would be like mini movies and we would see superheroes and cool powers and hell maybe an alien...

We are four freaking weeks in and no superhero that hasn't been altered and it backed fired. No characters we know except what a quick flash of Hill and Fury?!?! Seriously? What do I think is wrong with the show so far?

2. There is no chemistry (and yes I get it. Chemistry has to be built up but MY GOD how long will it take. Seriously there are certain shows where I think man these people hang out after work AKA Supernatural)
3. The story line hasn't flowed well at all for me. Its just not working and that might be solely due to the fact that NO ONE on this supposed "TEAM" trust the freaking leader. They all question him, they all do exactly opposite what they are told to do.
4. There are no real villains I have no doubt in my mind that EVERYONE will live there is no real threat to anyone really dying in the field.
5. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY train the damn tech people. Sky can't even tell the difference between a safety and a clip release WTF?!?! Why are they even leaving the "bus" if they can't even defend themselves?

There are more points I'm sure I just, I Just can't and if it continues I won't I know I am being picky but this is my last yr in school and I really don't have time to sit around and watch a show that annoys me this much.

Now that being said I will stick with it maybe 1 or 2 weeks more at most to see if some of these issues work themselves out.

What about you? Do you like the show? Have any concerns? What do you think?

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  1. Like you I really wanted to like this show. I love GC as Colson & I was like oh wow a cool team show! I am not a huge Avengers fan - I enjoy RDJ as IM but that's about it I don't fangirl over Avengers. But I did enjoy the movies and I wanted to enjoy this show. I do know the lore and back ground of all the Avengers (hey I am a geek) so I figured the show would at least pick up on some of those themes.

    Its as if Whedon is not up to speed on his source material a lot like JJ with the Star Trek material. When you have this much background material you need to stick with what makes it work which to me is NOT being done on Agents.

    I agree that there is NO chemistry between the team. The two characters they have fallen in love with Ward and Skye are boring. Neither serves any real purpose Colson should be doing what they have Ward doing.

    They need to either drop the Ward character or rewrite him quick because it is pulling the show down fast having him as a central character. The Melinda May character is too wooden as well I know she is supposed to be the bad chick but it too is really lame.

    I think they really need to think about what they have - this should be an action show - but its lacking any real action, nor are there any well written characters.

  2. It's just weird I thought with JW this thing would be AWESOME with a capital A like Firefly or Buffy hell even Angel and yet I feel cheated and annoyed at it every time I watch it. The only thing Ward is doing that redeems him a little with me is HE'S THE ONLY CHARACTER GROWING abit slowly but still dang why is he the only one trying to mold and grow. Skye is just childish and not funny enough to pull off the "funny one" given to her. They keep building it up and really it is letting me down. Mom quit watching last week and she was more into it then I was at first. I am sticking thru this week, but then I'm gone I have other things I need to be doing then wasting my time on a half good show in hopes it becomes great. If that day ever comes I will rent the DVDs or borrow them.
    Happy to know I am not the only one out there. Everyone else seems to love it

  3. No you are not alone I will give it a couple of more weeks. If it does not improve I will stop I won't bother with a show that is this lame.