Sunday, April 27, 2014

Faithful Fridays ~ #11

This is sadly going to become Faithful Sundays LOL b/c there is just too much going on when it comes to Fridays

Every Friday I want to give you what has gotten me through the week. A little bit of hope and faith...

This is from Sarah Young's Jesus Calling devotional and it really spoke to me this week

I am calling you to a life of thankfulness. I want all your moments to be punctuated with thanksgiving. The basis for your gratitude is My Sovereignty. I am the Creator and Controller of the universe. Heaven and earth are filed with My glorious Presence.

When you criticize or complain, you are acting as if you think you could run the world better than I do. From your limited human perspective, it may look as if I'm mismanaging things. But you don't know what i know or see what i see. If I pulled back the curtain to allow you to view heavenly realms, you would understand much more. However, I have designed you to live by faith, not by sight. I lovingly shield you from knowing the future or seeing into the spirit world. Acknowledge My sovereignty by giving thanks in all circumstances. 


  1. Wonderful passage, Sarai. I'm listening to Joel Osteen now and I'm about to stalk Gary Chapman's stuff next. We all need reminders once in a while, thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. Thank you. I really enjoy Sarah Young's Jesus Calling devotional and I really love Streams in the desert which is AMAZING. I will have to check out Gary Chapman to see what that is all about.

    Have a great week!