Monday, November 18, 2013

I don't always watch TV series

but when I do I watch a whole season in a week LOL

Oh come on you know you've seen the pictures...
So you get the point needless to say in between all the crap I have to do by the end of the month for school plus study for finals I still manage to watch a TON of TV and not only the current stuff.

For example I currently watch and stay updated on
1. OUAT (Once Upon a Time
2. Almost Human (or at least this is one I plan to stay updated on)
3. Blacklist (although if it doesn't pick up I will walk soon)
4. Shield (same as blacklist)
5. Supernatural
6. OUAT in Wonderland (I am only 2 shows behind)
7. Big Bang Theory

then when you add in the shows that I want to watch just to be part of the cool kids and yet can't catch up due to school, work and homework.
1. Fringe
2. X Files
3. SG-1
4. Breaking Bad
5. Pretty Little Liars
6. Dr. Who
7. Dexter
8. Revenge
9. Gossip Girl
10. The Walking Dead
11. Chuck

So what I have decided to do is watch a show here or there early in the morning while getting ready or late at night right before bed.

Right now I am currently working on catch up to #PPL (Pretty Little Liars)
After I catch up on this I plan to only Netflix shows that are not currently on season. It sucks to finally catch up and still be a whole season behind! So after a catch up on PPL I will be working on Breaking Bad or Dexter so I can say done and walk away.
What would you do? Of the 11 shows I have to catch up with which ones would you pick?


  1. Xfiles is a MUST as you know it's my favorite of all! One of the best shows to geek out over.

    1. Well I plan to do Lost over Christmas and start Xfiles next semester LOL so at least now I know the first 2 I will do ;)