Saturday, August 9, 2014

Star Trek Saturday ~ #3

So first and foremost sorry for the poor audio quality I am hoping it will improve over time as this goes. Also I have never watched this show all my Star Trek knowledge comes from the movies (I know I know) this is my way of figuring out what all the hype is about! If you love this show 

Also this is another long episode I mean like 53 minutes give or take so, sorry about that.
Second I watched Star Trek (1966) Charlie X this is my initial reaction whilst watching unedited. It is the FULL episode I own nothing except my sultry voice...

Here we go!
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AKA the quick and dirty thoughts are posted above. Enjoy

Quote of the week:
The job is yours Bones flattery will get you nowhere. 
Your years are wrong. HA!


Aired: 15 Sep. 1966

Charlie X
Captain Kirk must learn the limits to the power of a 17-year-old boy with the psychic ability to create anything and destroy anyone.

Shorter version basically my after thoughts on this episode... runs about 10 minutes and ask you the listener some questions about this episode. Also I forgot to mention this in the recap but we got our first red shirt to "disappear".

COMPLAINTS/CONCERNS/ISSUES/Answers to my burying questions:
Needless to say I respect this show and the fans however, I also have no filter and I suspect I will manage to piss some people off. If I do I am very sorry and do not mean to. I also tend to ask a lot of questions while watching and in my after thoughts. If you happen to have the answer to those questions I would love to hear from you. You can contact me by email:
or send it to my twitter @Sarais_thoughts or @SaraiNerdingOut 

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