Monday, March 30, 2015

TV show I am aiming to finish by 2016

Part of my 34 things to do before I turn 35 is:

32. I would like to complete a few TV series on Netflix so that I can actually be in the hip and now community about Breaking bad, Community, New Girl, Arrow, the Americans well you get the idea...

So these are the shows I would like to watch at some point (seriously not all of them but some of them). Also some of these I have started but haven't finished?

A - Americans
B - Broadchurch/ Breaking Bad
C - Charmed / Community
D - Dr. Who / Downton Abby
E - Empire
F - Falling Skies
G - Game of Thrones
H - House of Cards
I - Izombie
J - Justified / Jericho
K - Kyle XY / Kitchen Confidential
L - Less Than Perfect
M - Modern Family
N - No Ordinary Family
O -Orange Is The New Black
P - Parenthood
Q- Quantum Leap
R - Red Drawf / Roswell / Rome / Robin Hood
S - Supernatural
T - True Detective
U - Ugly Betty
V - Vikings
W - the Walking Dead
X -  Xfiles
Y - Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
Z - Z Nation

Have you watched any of these? Any suggestions to start with?

Currently I am in the middle of:
Broadchurch, Charmed, Dr. Who, Parenthood, Supernatural, Z Nation

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