Tuesday, June 3, 2014

From Page to Screen ~ #2

This week's Page to Screen is another TV show... shocked yeah I know...

We are going to compare and contrast Pretty Little Liar's books vs. the show before the big premiere of the 5th season!!!!!

First off the book reviews: Here's the first one!

And the second in the series can be found here

And now the review of the show
Personally I am an addict with the freaking show. I admit to the full that I am a Haleb fan hardcore then he went and blew it in freaking Ravenswood (don't get me started on how he blew it) anywho. I also really enjoy Spoby ship as well.
Otherwise my mean complaints are the teacher/student relationship (send hate mail to my twitter) I just never felt comfortable with the relationship from the get go. Anytime you have to rely on everyone you know to lie on you to keep a secret about your relationship you know it is a BAD thing.
Any who for some reason I still felt sorry for the girls. I actually thought it was all about bullying and while the girls set themselves up a lot and I do mean a lot they were teenagers and those teenagers didn't know any better. So for the TV show I felt bad for everyone of the girls but the books EH I felt that each of them deserved it.
Also the parents in the show are by far a TON times better whereas in the books the parents are just as horrible as the girls if not worse. Man I just didn't know what to think about it. The girls are bad but not so bad that I think they deserve anything. That being said I think the first 2 books might still be in season 1 so as things progress in both the books and the show I might change my mind. Anyway at this time I would say that I prefer the show to the books by far.

Side related rant:
I do not understand why these girls have to kiss everyone as a thank you! Seriously between Aria and Hanna there is more random guy kissing then I've ever seen in everyday life. No one does that even with good friends.

What do you think? Do you prefer the book or the show? Who do you ship?

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