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Review ~ #PLL Perfect by Sara Shepard

TITLE: Perfect AUTHOR: Sara Shepard
TYPE: young adult
PAGES: 298
SERIES:  yes
1. Pretty Little Liars
3. Perfect
4. Unbelievable

Well come on I read the first 2 and had to know what happens. PLUS I love me some PLL show so I wanted to catch up on the books.

SUMMARY (from back of the book):
Aria can’t resist her forbidden ex. Hanna is on the verge of losing her BFF. Emily is freaking out over a simple kiss. And Spencer can’t keep her hands off anything that belongs to her sister. Lucky me. I know these pretty little liars better than they know themselves. But it’s hard keeping all of their secrets to myself. They better do as I say …. Or else!

Who are the MAJOR Characters?
(OMG who isn’t?!)

Who are the MINOR Characters?
Again I ask who isn’t?!
Sean – Aria’s boyfriend
Mike – Aria’s brother
Aria’s mom, dad and dad’s girlfriend
Mr. Fitz AKA Ezra – Aria’s forbidden love
Lucas – new one that was just introduced
Hanna’s mom
Officer Wilden – Hanna’s Mom’s boyfriend
Mona – Hanna’ BFF
Mona’s new BFFs
Melissa – Spencer’s sister
Spencer’s parents
Emily’s sister, mom, dad
Maya – Emily’s girlfriend

Did it flow with the last volume was it a connection story or did it just start a new story with same characters? Yeah actually it really did. It picked up right where we left off and ran with it. There were a lot of pieces to try and fit together, but the author did a fantastic job of doing that.

What is this story about? It is about 4 girls who lost their BFF in 7th grade and now someone is harassing them with all their dirty little secrets

When is this story taking place? Junior year of high school

Where are we at during this story? Rosewood High and neighborhood

Why is the character acting the way he is or why is this happening? The girls are trying to figure out who A is and navigate through the roughest prep school ever. Add to that they have the CRAPPIEST parents known to man.

How does it get resolved (SPOILERS MAY BE INCLUDED)
It hasn’t Hanna is in a coma after figuring out who A is and being hit by a car.
Aria’s boyfriend Ezra is locked up for having sex with a minor
Spencer is going crazy
Emily is shipped off to Iowa for being gay

Will there be another? yes

Favorite part or line from story:
I have to say the part with Hanna and Lucas are really cute and I think this might be the relationship that the show uses for Haleb (Hanna + Caleb)

Overall thoughts:
Okay I absolutely hate to think of it like this but DANG YO I actually got sucked into this one. I mean reading til 2 am kind of sucked into. The storyline is finally moving at a very quick pace. I think I know who A is (solely based on the show) but I can see how they got there maybe. I loved, loved, loved that Ezra got what happens to you when you sleep with a minor (again I have always hated that storyline and think it sends the wrong message so send hate to my twitter). I absolutely HATE the parents of all the girls in this book. OMG on TV they are all likeable and while the parents might do something wrong it is always in the best interest of the girls never to hurt them. But Ella kicking Aria out of the freaking house with no where to go but here boyfriend’s place is just ridiculous I mean hotline that bitch seriously. YOU CAN”T DO THAT IF YOU ARE REALLY THAT PISSY ABOUT YOUR HUSBAND CHEATING ON YOU AND YOUR 7th GRADE DAUGHTER NOT TELLING YOU THEN LEARN TO GROW UP!!!!! Anyway let me move pass this I mean my gosh. The book was really good and I can see that it is like the show and yet wow so not like the show which is refreshing at times.

Plot/Story: B I think the author is fantastic to be able to keep all the lies, secrets, and girl’s backgrounds straight. Hell I’m starting to think A is Sara Shephard ;)
Character Development: B the girls are starting to grow up. They are still making bad choices but at least they are semi-thinking them through.
Emotional Reaction: A there were a lot of OMG did she? No she didn’t? Freaking A she did? How in the hell is that going to work? Moments.

Final Grade: B+

Would you recommend this story? Sure if you like to read about drama but I for sure wouldn’t let girls younger than 15 read it.

Is this a part of a reading challenge? No.

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