Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Page to Screen ~ #1

First off the book: The Returned by Jason Motts

You can read my full review here

I liked it. It wasn't great it was okay... I did enjoy reading it though and I thought it posed some great questions. I also thought it was meant to make people think of how they treat groups of people now. It did a great job showing how "civilization" would react and how fear can lead people to do some crazy things. Some things they would and do regret and something that are just frighteningly accurate.

The TV show based off of this review/book is Resurrection on ABC

The show and the book are so far apart it is just down right weird. I though the show started off good then quickly fell apart. It is very different from the book and in fact it is almost as if they are two different entities. In the book lots of returned have already returned so it was as surprise that Jacob came back, but not so much. In the show Jacob is the first returned. Harold and Lucille are older and they treat Jacob the same as they do the show. However, Lucille admits that Jacob is not her boy. That actually all Jacob did was bring life back in the home. In the book the "returned" are being forced into concentration camps and disappear off and on so while it is shocking all in all it isn't. The preacher on the show did leave his wife for a love but she was 16 years old in the book in the show she wasn't and in the show she turns out to be pregnant. Quite a bit of a difference. The government in the book is better organized and equipped to handle what is going on while in the show they have no idea what to do.
The doctor on the show isn't in the book at all. Fred is not the sheriff nor did he have a daughter in the book. And while the show is still on going, I think it got renewed) I can't say that I am actually enjoying the show at all. In fact I would be bold enough to say that I preferred the book and the show I kind of gave up on and walked away from by the finale.

Have you seen the first season of the show? What did you think?  There is some controversy surrounding the show and the book... I am not certain what it is other then the simple question the book and the show both ask... what would you do if your loved one returned? 

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