Monday, May 19, 2014

Review ~ Hellblazer review pt. 1

Hellblazer volume 1 Hunger

Who? Who are the major players and minor players?
Major players as of now: 
Papa Midnight
Mnemoth (hunger demon)

Minor players as of now: 
Emma (dead girlfriend who is now a ghost)
Shaman in Africa
Boy who carried Demon

What? What is this story all about?
A demon is trapped in the body of a boy and a stupid man releases it into a bottle. Then it escapes and plagues the man and anyone who gets in its way. Feeding off of anger, fear, and of course food. Killing all it inhabits as they eat themselves to death.

Not sure there is a timeline

Where? Does it take place.
United States
Then home to England (from what I gathered)
Then off to Africa (Sudan)
Then back to the Good US of A

Entertainment LOL
No I'm not sure why the demon was released other then it called to Lester who couldn't help himself.

and How?
through an exorcism that backfires

Summary thus far in vol. 1:
Start off with John coming home from I believe the US he discovers a very high "friend Lester" and lots and lots of bugs. This journey takes him to Africa back the US in hopes of finding out how to defeat the Mnemoth the hunger demon. Along the way he runs into his ghost of a girlfriend Emma who was killed by a demon. After realizing he is not strong enough to defeat the demon he calls on the help of Papa Midnight whom from what I can tell is a zombie maker ;)

Favorite Lines from vol. 1: 
Back in the flat, I'm Billy the Kid and Genghis Khan rolled into one. This is it, wildlife Armageddon for insects.
Why does primitive magic always hurt?
As the sun wobbles down onto the horizon, spilling its blood across the plain like a wounded animal

DRAWINGS: B they are rough giving almost a newspaper feel to them but lots of color and grit which fits the story line
STORY LINE: B interesting enough that I would've bought the next volume just to see if they can contain this particular demon. Didn't care for the bug part of it, but eh when one watches Supernatural you tend to get over things like that.
CHARACTERS: A  I thought all the characters were well fleshed out and while I still have questions about the minor characters I am not questioning them so much that I can't sleep. I do want to know more about Papa Midnight and I am curious about Emma but I am confident this will all come to light eventually
OVERALL GRADE: B+ I do recommend the first volume and think it has been worth my money so far.

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