Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Review ~ Hellblazer review pt. 2

Hellblazer volume 2 Feast of Friends

Who? Who are the major players and minor players?
Major players as of now: 
Papa Midnight
Mnemoth (hunger demon)
Emma (dead girlfriend who is now a ghost)

Minor players as of now: 
a crap ton of ghost that haunt Constantine the night before he sacrifices Lester
A couple of overweight zombies

What? What is this story all about?
A demon is trapped in the body of a boy and a stupid man releases it into a bottle. Then it escapes and plagues the man and anyone who gets in its way. Feeding off of anger, fear, and of course food. Killing all it inhabits as they eat themselves to death.

a few hours since we've landed in USA by the time we end this volume it has been a 2 days

Where? Does it take place.
United States

The demon is lose on the city and the citizens are turning on each other devouring everything. It has to be stopped before it takes over completely.

and How?
an exorcism that doesn't backfire

Summary thus far in vol. 2:
So we left off with Papa Midnight agreeing to help Constantine since Constantine was too weak to handle the demon on his own. In the hotel Constantine is haunted by a bunch of ghost the night before the big exorcism. The best I can tell is they are or rather were old friends of his that died in battle AKA exorcisms gone wrong. The Demon continues to grow throughout the night feeding off of people's desires and some really gross flesh eating UGH. Needless to say old Lester has to be the one that the demon goes in since he's the bloody idiot that let it out. Of course Constantine feels guilty about it and well there are ghost of Christmas' past involved and whatnot so that doesn't help with the guilt. It ends with a new story line and Lester dead with Constantine hungover and heading back over the pond.

Favorite Lines from vol. 2: 
I have no words left. I'm shattered, a dead-man, a zombie, re-animated by a cold hand wound deep in my gut.
Gambling's a funny business kids, sometimes you lose!
Moring. Nice day for the race. What race? Hah. The Human Race. Sucker

DRAWINGS: B+ I think I am getting use to the newpaper quality of the drawings b/c they seemed to flow better. The use of color and lack of made the read interesting.
STORY LINE: B It wrapped it up nicely all the questions are tied up the only thing I had a problem with was the abrupt switch in story  line for the next volume. It didn't really fit in with this one and seemed very sudden.
CHARACTERS: A All the characters appeared to stay in character and did what I expected. I found myself feeling bad for Lester and Constantine. It was clearly apparent how the sacrifice made him feel and the guilt it added to him.


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