Tuesday, May 13, 2014

OUAT rant do not read if you are happy with season 3

Alright I have stuck with this show for 3 years and by stuck I mean it. I honestly feel cheated at the end of this season. I have no idea where to start with how much I disliked this ending. I disliked it so much I am not even confident at this point that I will hang around for season 4. This may very well be the end of OUAT for me.

I will give points and nothing more until I cool off b/c I understand how hard it is for writers of a show but COME ON...

The whole reason I love this show is second chances and hope. This however is not what has happened. The way I see it at least 2 different people and countless others now (Belle I'm looking at you) have not been able to have a happy ending let alone a second no way third no way fourth no way screw all that let's go back to how we first started out chance.
1. Regina has now lost 2 "true" loves and now she can conveniently be a villain again angry about the same shit that she was angry about with Snow so let's rework that hatred and story line to this time involving Emma. Sadly I don't blame Regina for anger on this one.
2. Rupple is a lying bastard now and that is going to end with heartache and Belle
3. Hook and Swan I just seriously I just can't I don't care that they are together I don't whatever but she has the emotional thinking of a 14 yr old and the maturity level of a 14 yr. old. And took all of this freaking season to give in to hook.
5. The freaking witch of the west is gone just like that... nothing more... that sucks
6. The ending of Aurora seriously "one more day and she would have giving birth to a monkey baby?" And then we got a cameo. WOW thanks I no longer care.
7. Marion really?! Really Really?! What the frack didn't she die of cancer not locked in a damn cell?

I did enjoy the very few things
1. OMG did Emma actually grow up and realize how much of a douche she has been all seasons 2 thru. present to her parents? Finally
2. The baby's name is Neil and I am ok with this
3. Emma has finally found a "home"
4. Here's to hoping Robin knocked Regina up before Marion came back in the picture.

So now that this massive rant is over what did you guys think? Am I am a horrible person who just doesn't get it or what? 

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