Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tea Tuesday ~ #6

And we're back!!! Finally after many a months I am able to get back to enjoying my teas again. (Why did I stop you ask? Well b/c making tea takes for freaking EVER).

This week we have Anjou Pear-adise

A very sweet smell the pear is very easy to pick out in the scent.

The package is very pretty and I have to say I enjoy looking at all the "stuff" going into my tea.

When making tea and you don't have a fancy teapot a bright red one that has been around forever will do just nicely

I love my strainer it is so freaking cool. Although it does work better with mugs then actual teacups.

If you are going to drink tea then I suggest a fancy teacup makes you feel all proper when drinking tea.

This is one I got from England so pretty with the purple flowers

 When it starts off it is a clear almost yellow looking water as the it seeps.

Gradually though the water becomes more orange to red color. Oddly enough as it cools it becomes more brown

Once in the cup though it is a nice pink or red color and taste is great. Just enough pear to keep a kick to it yet not too bitter that you start wondering if you should add sugar to it. 

FINAL GRADE: I am going to give this one an A (rare I know) but I really like the flavor and think it is one I might buy more of. 

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