Wednesday, May 14, 2014

So I have started the post grad workout...

I have determined to start running. Sadly the weather hates me and decided that running outside today on my first bloody day would have to be in the rain or nothing at all.
So instead of taking this as a set back I have instead decided to do some workout videos inside and make my playlist.

I read that as a beginner you should do 1 song running then 1 song walking. So after looking for numerous songs I have decided on this simple yet effective playlist to start with...

It runs about 21 minutes so I need to find a warm up song. After the warm up I would go to...

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody by Fergie - RUN
Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine - WALK
Pretender by Mike Snow - RUN
Don't Slow Down by Matt and Kim - WALK
Let it Roll by Flo Rider -RUN
Harder to Breathe by Maroon 5 - WALK

A good warm up song would be Mirror by Ellie Goulding from Catching Fire Soundtrack good enough beat and yet not too fast or too slow warm up...

Cool down... I'm thinking The Man by Aloe Blacc ends it on a good note.

Do you have a running soundtrack? If so what do you listen to? Should I change it around?

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