Friday, March 1, 2013

moving right along on TWD

It looks as if we are going to do a flashback to the how things went wrong on the highway. Not the highway I guess more like how we got the rag tag bunch that included Rick's family and current group of friends.
Oh FYI I apparently have been spelling the names wrong this whole time. So again sorry for that.
Oh good Ed is still alive that's fantastic dang there is a whole lot more people then ended up in the group. That was either an explosion or gun fire. Apparently they are bombing the city which isn't good considering that a bunch of them were heading that way. Well I guess now we know how they ended up in the group and tents.
Search party is on again and I am hoping Glenn and Daryl make it out alive. Poor Glenn Maggie AKA Bella is really riding him hard and not in a good way. I think she truly wants to keep it at a one night stand and Glenn doesn't get that. Poor guy.
Shane is bragging about his conquest. The fun times talk turns into a lets stop talking about the dead people lecture.
I wonder if old Shane boy isn't feeling just a tad guilty how many others did you leave behind Shane besides Rick and Otis?!?!
Shane and Rick have an arguement which let's Rick glimpse a hard side of Shane and a side that no one who watches this show could possibly like.
Oh so BDS guy Darell is on a horse. Love this character and actor! He sees a doll but is it a trick? Apparently he doesn't care cause he yells out Sophie's name anyway.
Back on the horse you just know something bad is going to happen since the crows are a flying away... yep a snake for pete's sake a freaking snake?
Oh never mind b/c now BDS guy is thrown from horse takes a nasty spill lands on his own freaking arrow and is in the lake, Me thinks that's not the worse to come yet.
Yep I was right he has lost his weapon... never mind he is looking for it man that arrow looks like it hurts can't you uh... or at least shouldn't you maybe IDK pull it out or something?!
Back to preggo's Glenn and his sweet butt wants to say something but of course gets shot down
The boys come back pissy
Lori freaks out b/c she thinks that Shane may have told Rick about them but it turns out it is all about the missing girl whom I've already forgotten the name of... which doesn't mean anything considering I'm in Season 2 and just now figuring out the proper names for peps so...
Back to BDS guy who is actually surviving you know until he falls again.
Rick is just having a bad day all around I tell ya I'm starting to think I should never be in charge if you have to deal with this kind of shit when you're the leader after the zombies take over
BDS is knocked the f*ck out LOL sorry couldn't help it. Oh look Redneck stupid trash of a brother is here to save the freaking day boo hoo
I know RNSTB is suppose to be helping but I personally can't stand the jerk. He really is why everything is wrong in this world
So it turns out not the bro shaking him but a zombie chewing on his foot. Good thing he wore smart foot protection.
Me thinks my favorite guy might be changing slightly which pisses me off
Blonde is still annoying as hell
Glenn is still sweet and asks Dale a period question and testy women. Turns into a very uncomfortable convo for Dale and Glenn espically when Glenn says I was thinking I might be dead tomorrow...
Not a walker stupid Blonde why do you always have to prove something?
Stupid WITCH almost killed BDS guy thank you Lord she is a bad shot. Don't you feel stupid
Shane and Rick go at it again
Shane and Lori go at it
Dumb Blonde sits on the porch feeling bad as she should until Dale tries to make it up to her or make her feel better.
Lori cries b/c she doesn't know what she is going to do or tell about the up coming baby
Tension is high at dinner and Glenn bless his pea picking heart tries to break it.
Maggie AKA Bella passes a "hook up" note
BDS guy covers his naked bod when the girls' mom comes into the room to feed him dinner. She kisses him and thanks him. IT was a sweet moment all around and might be the saving grace for BDS guy.
Now this scene is creepy as all get out. Glenn wants to do it in the Barn only to discover that it is MOTHER NIGHT full of walkers. When he goes to run he slams into Maggie and she says you weren't suppose to see this...
Gawd this show I tell ya!

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