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Asylum Season 1 Ep. 10

Yeah finally we get a scary one. This one actually scares me about as much as the Bloody Mary episode did. You can read that scary as hell review here. Anyway as you can see by the title this one is called Asylum and yeah something about the place, the thought of being trapped in one that is haunted by CRAZY people does something to me.

So we start with the typical kids breaking into a "haunted place" and the typical cops going to rescue them. One is not a local so we get the back story. Turns out it is a urban legend (and one of the reason SPN was so popular was due to following and hunting down Urban Legends) that if you spend the night here then you go cray cray. Apparently you don't have to spend the entire night there as one cop and his wife find out when he shoots her and himself...

Cue to das boys in a sketchy motel room (AKA typical) and...
NERD MOMENT: OMG I sometimes forget how long this show has been on the air b/c my God they look so freaking young in this ep. Now they are both married, and have kids well Jensen's is on the way. They were boys here, but now they are men LOL sorry couldn't resist nerd moment over.

So they are still looking for their dad. Dean is flipping through the journal for leads. They fight per usual when it comes to dad. Now apparently they rec'd a text from their dad with coordinates which is a typical dad thing. Sam is pissed and doesn't care b/c all he wants is to find their dad.
This shows us that Dean followers orders at all time why Sam questions everything. This is key for later on when well hell in general its just a good rule of thumb for this whole show. Dean approaches the cop cold turkey Sam interrupts it and looks like hero in order to get the cop to talk to him and give him info. It works. Except Sam shoves Dean kind of hard in there buddy boy LOL method acting is Sam's answer huh? is Dean's LOL

So off they head to break into the Asylum and look for the south wing. This leads the very handsome Dean to reflect what is in dad's journal about the south wing. Seriously if we all a journal like that life would be so much more interesting no? NO!? Fine moving on. Dean ask the question we all want to know kind of well sort of I personally wouldn't mind just hearing him read the phone book, but I digress. The chains are what is keeping people out according to Sam or in according to Dean. So off the Hardy er I mean Winchester boys go to solve the crime. Damn meddling kids wait wrong show...

"Let me know if you see any dead people Haley Joel." LOL come on Dean not funny,...
"Dude enough." Is the Sam response
"No seriously you have to be careful ghost are attracted to that whole ESP thingy you have going on."

Can I just say that the reason this show has lasted is not b/c of fans, but due to the brother relationship dynamic that has been written. It is all about family and the bond of brotherhood. Plus the two actors in real life are like BFFs now LOL so that helps.

Okay back to the fighting onscreen with each other which continues for awhile. I do love how they have absolutely no fear as they walk the halls even joking about the freaks come out at night thing. Going so far as asking "Sam who do you think is the hotter psychic Trisha Arkett (sp?), Jennifer Love Hewlett, or you?" LOL frowny face from Sammy and a punch in the back which gets a laugh from Dean.
EWWW gross room, gross room I'm betting something nasty went down here which means ghost I tell you! Damn it I want to see a ghost. Although this ep does lead up to them nicely. Building the tension and all. All Dean wants to do is quote pop culture movies like Cuckoo's nest and Sam just wants to see their dad.
That attitude right there is why I always got the extra cookie. LOL no seriously Dean, Sam really wants to know why we follow the orders all the time. So they go on a informational trip. This leads Sam into meeting with the director of the Asylum's son who also is a shrink. In order to get info on the Asylum the guy agrees to answer his questions if he has a session with him. This is something I think that Sam truly needs and finally gets a full hours worth of venting that we don't get hear.

Dean was bored. But we get the history of the hospital due to a riot the patients took over. This means good times for the boys as they go a hunting. They however, are not the only ones trying to scare themselves. This boy I know, but I can't remember from where. Creepy and yet terrifying so at least he's cute but dude if you ever took me to a place like this for a date I would break up with you and leave your ass behind. Especially when you say, "let's check this out and I respond I don't want to." Sad part all I can think is that this girl is cute and blond boy she isn't going to last in an episode of Supernatural LOL add to it her boyfriend is a jerk and an idiot. Thank God for Dean and Sam to the rescue. Turns out he makes out with a ghost before the rescue occurs. That had to be creepy as hell. When the boys enter in all I can hear is "a hunting we shall go"

Okay that was creepy as hell and I reminds me of why I don't watch this show at night. A creepy spirit just walked behind the boys and they didn't see it but man did we...
Add to the sound effects and I just might not sleep tonight. Oh dude Sam behind you. So he yells for Dean when the creepy woman comes at him. Now we find the pretty little girl hiding behind a bed. Who is scared but determined to find her stupid boyfriend. This leads to them splitting up which is a classic mistake to make but at least Dean ends up with the girlfriend. Who reminds her of horror movies and how she needs to pay attention to them.
They find Gavin who is knocked out and admits to a ghost kissing him which means he's scarred for life.
Dude Dean flickering lights not good you know better. The girl is grabbed by a ghost and Dean tries to help her. She is freaking out like no other as would I. Big and creepy is behind her wanting to talk I refuse to watch these scene b/c Lord help me but he is scary. So now she is being told to face it and listen to it by Sam so she sucks it up and does. He ghost man not Sam whispers something in her ear and now she is free to go to the others. She tells them room 137 is what the ghost tells them. Sam takes the kids to move them out and explains how they know about all the ghost stuff while Dean goes hunting alone for room 137.

Funny line: the girl asks Sam why would anyone want a job like this? Sam's response: I had a crappy guidance counselor LOL
So of course the girl ask about Dean only she is asking if it is Sam's boss. You know that had to get under his skin. So Sam realizes that they are trapped in here and Dean is still alone hunting. Dean sits down to read the journal of the head guy who happens to be the baddy that everyone of the ghost warns them about them. Sam wants to know if anyone can handle a shot gun and the girl can she is also the only one in the couple that has remained calm throughout this whole thing and takes her job seriously.
Sam goes off to hunt for Dean after a really crappy phone call. This leads to the cray cray doctor infecting Sam with some of his mojo goo. How come none of the boys get worried when lights flicker. Now I practically run out of the house and refuse to go back in when that happens at home. Cause I've watched 7 seasons of this show and know what's going to follow behind it. Not to mention the air dropping a few degrees. Come on Sam you know better than this.
Anywho so we know that Sammy gets infected with something or has his brain rewired by the cray cray doctor. Meanwhile Dean makes his way back after the girl tells Gavin that if we make it out of here alive we are so breaking up. And nearly shoots Dean who is pissy about it and wants to know why they are still here. So before leaving them he tells the couple to watch themselves and to watch out for me.

Sam looks for Dean and doesn't realize something is bad with Sam. Then explains to Sam (who is infected) about rage therapy. So they go off hunting for the bones. They find the hidden room as Sam raises the gun to Dean and Dean ask Sam to put the gun down. "Is that an order?" No it's more of a friendly request.
Sam shoots Dean with Rock salt which apparently being shot with hurts like hell. Sam continues to harp on the good little solider bit. And how he is sick of doing what Dean tells him to. Dean hands him a gun and tells him to make it easier for him.  I don't think he expects Sam to actually shoot him. Sam struggles a little and Dean realizes he hates him that much. Sam actually pulls the trigger and Dean hits him. Telling him man I'm not going to give you a loaded pistol. Then knocks him out. He goes and finds the bones of the cray cray doctor and attempts to burn them but not without having to tangle with cray cray doctor first. The bones are juicy and smelly and well as Dean says "that's just gross," while trying not to throw up.
He manages to light the bones on fire before the good doctor can make him cray cray. Sam wakes up and Dean asks, "Your not going to try to kill me are you?" Sam says no and Dean says good cause that would be awkward.
 Apparenlty its morning and everyone walks out alive. The kids say thanks and Sam says he's sorry. Admitting that he said some awful things (AND TRIED TO KILL YOUR BRO SERIOUSLY SAM COME ON YOU CAN SAY SORRY BETTER THAN THAT) Dean asks if he remembers it all that. Dean doesn't believe that Sam didn't mean any of it. Sam asks if they need to talk about it and Dean says no I'm not in the sharing and caring kind of mood I just want to get some sleep.

And sleep he does without a shirt ladies... you don't get to see much but we take what we can get no?!
Meanwhile whist the boys are sleeping Dean's phone rings. Sam wakes up and answers he's in a teeshirt. Sam not the caller and all we hear is Dad?

Final Grade: SCARY AS HELL A
Lesson Learned: Pay attention to horror films and do not make the same mistakes they do.

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