Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4

So now that I am slowly getting over my shock with Shane the others have arrived at the farm house.
And now we are at the funeral for Otis. Shane is having some guilt issues which his dumbass needs to feel. Are you going to be honest and tell them how you shot him so that you could live.  Yeah you keep on talking it up making yourself look good CURSE YOU SHANE.
Shane is a douche I tell ya.
So Asian kid name Glen is going to go with Bella to town which is cute how those two keep getting put together. Lori meant for Shane to stay or at least she will mean it until the truth comes out or Shane gets his come uppins.
I'll go saddle your horse then. Glen turns to Dale and ask horse? LOL
dumb blonde is annoying the shit out of me Shane and her need to go jump off a cliff together and save the group some drama and trouble.
What's up with Rick still wearing his uniform all the damn time seriously?!
I guess they just got kicked off the farm LOL that'll teach em to think they can squat anywhere they please... oh wait they didn't think that.
Oh crap there's a zombie in the well is that a good thing? is that how it you can catch it. So now the issue is how to get a zombie out of a well alive. In hopes of not contaminating the well isn't it already?
Go figure that Rick is anti-God cause his son got shot. But good old preacher man is letting Rick see the right path.
Apparently they need live bait for the zombie. So Glen gets picked. They tell him they will get him out and Glen says living piece that's the important part LOL poor Glen he always gets the shit jobs. Bella asks him you doing okay. He responds yep great living the dream. God poor Glen if anything happens to him I will never forgive this show.
Does he make it and I'll be damned but he even hog tied a zombie in the process. Bella sleep with that man please he deserves it.
Darrell is out hunting down a little girl in the meantime and stumbles upon something I cant' be sure because now we are back to the zombie in the well storyline which turns out to be REALLY GROSS and pointless b/c they pulled him in half and half of him dropped back into the well. Apparently Tboe has had enough and attacks whilst saying Good thing we do anything stupid like shoot it. LOL Great one liners
Shane is blowing smoke up blonde's ass and kind of lets it slip that he is willing to do anything to save his friend's life.
Glen is trying so hard to impress the girl and show off while at the same time being the sweetheart he is. So Glen has to pick up something for Lori and needs to be quiet about it so he grab condoms instead and slowly Bella tells him she would have sex with him b/c the options are low. Not sure how I would take that if Iwere him. Seems kind of like an insult and yet he's all for it cause he's a guy.
Holy crap they are going to do it right there in town in the pharmacy GO GLEN!!!
Poor baby I don't think he has ever had sex before
Now back to Rick and the good doctor. Rick is trying to get the good doctor to allow them to stay cause it would be mean to turn them out.
Now they are back Glen and Bella who tells him not to spoil it and it was a one time thing. Oh snap Lori is going to be pregos with Shane's nasty bastard.
Aww Darrell that is so sweet to bring her a flower I mean Gawd man can you be any sweeter?!?! Love you now this is TMI but that's who I would have sex with LOL
Carl is awake! Carl is cute I'm like you now we both been shot. LOL so stinking cute. Now he gets to wear the hat. Plus they are going to share the hat. If I could do a screenshot that is one that I would do so stinking cute sleeping in his hat.
How in the world is Lori going to pull off that the baby is Rick's cause you know she is going to try to do that I mean she doesn't seem like the kind of person that will be honest about it.
What is she going to do have sex with Rick? No she is asking if he is putting away his sheriff badges which he is and Lori is going out with a knife for some reason. Oh because she is going to see if she is pregs or not. She is for sure freaking out about it OH SNAP she is what is she going to do...

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