Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 2 eposide 3 I think...

So I am not sure what was so important about watching Shane shave his head but that is the opening scenethen we get to hear a story about Shane and how he is going to make it. As if Lori needs more guilt in this situation.
Darrell AKA BDS guy is a good guy he can't stand to see her crying so he goes out at night to see if he can find the girl. I am seriously falling in love with his red neck self.
Then we go to Otis who is just trying to do right by Carl I mean come on he didn't mean to shoot the kid. Told ya Otis wasn't going to make it a broken ankle to boot. Then again Shane ain't doing to hot either. Seriously dude a 20 foot drop how is this going to work? Add a zombie and now Shane has a broke ankle and Otis is dead.
They are going to have to operate soon.
BDS guy gives his back story typical stuff his dad was on a bender, brother in jail and he was lost in the woods for 9 days and no one cares.
Now Lori wonders if this is the life they want for Carl b/c life is too hard if he lives. She sounds like she wishes she would've died at the CDC Rick wants to know what changed.
They can't do this b/c Shane is still fighting to get back to them with the supplies if I was Shane I'd be pissed if I found out they were just giving up after all this shit I just went through in hopes of saving a kid.
I truly dont' think Shane is going to make it pass this episode people. For all his faults he is a decent guy. OH Otis isn't dead yet
Carl however, may not make it pass this episode cause he's having a seziure
Rick gives more blood even though it could mean his death b/c that Lori is what a parent does they don't just sit there and let their child die when there is a chance. That's all I'm saying if they were going to do that it should have been at the CDC where there was no pain and it would have been over quicker
That sucks for the guy in the tree. Apparently Darrell doesn't like when people opt out thinks the guy deserves it. He then asks dumb blonde you want to live now or not? Its just a question.
Anywho they do put the arrow through the walker but still no little girl. The Asian guy is digging the girl on the horse who happens by and by to be Bella on Supernatural or was Bella cause pretty girls don't last long on that show so she is no longer apart of it.
So Asian man is praying for the first time but it gives him a chance to bond with the girl of his dreams who forever will be called Bella to me.
Now I'm scared that Dale the old man isn't going to make what made him thinking wandering down the highway at night alone was a good idea?
So now Rick is giving Lori a lecture about why Carl should live all because when he woke up he talked about a deer instead of death.
Shane and Otis are still fighting for their lives and Damn it Darrell is still risking his.
That's not fair for Rick to put it on Lori about Carl. Although she said we do it so I guess that was the correct answer.
Shane to the rescue cause I told ya Otis wouldn't make it. Shane is shaken and scared Rick is okay with him Shane is feeling guilty about Otis' death.
There is still no sign of the little girl and at this point people I say we move on she's gone let it be. Dale tells the dumb blonde that he is sorry and she's still an ungrateful chit.
Bella is crying to the Asian guy and I am hoping that they are good for each other.
Oh look at that Carl seems to have stablized how awesome is that!!! Once again Rick steps up into the leadership role and breaks it to Patricia that her husband died to make sure his son lived. Needless to say she breaks down and Shane well he doesn't do so good with that plus now he truly can't have Lori so he doesn't know what to do. Lori is nice and ask Shane to stay which is a good step in the right direction.
Shane is still trying to deal with everything and we are back to the opening scene with him shaving his head.  Is my eyes deceiving me or has Shane been bit?
OMFG he shot OTIS in the knee cap to give himself a fighting chance OMFG WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT!!!
I hope he jumps off a bridge and dies! What a douche bag!


  1. I think the spot on his head was related to Otis. Like Otis clawed at him or something and pulled out some hair. He shaved to kind of hide the evidence. At least that's what I remember. I'm current on episodes, so I'd literally have to go back and watch.

  2. Yeah I figured why I was in India I should catch up so I can watch season 3 when I get home LOL. I think you're right I think it was to hide the fight. He straight ticked me off with this move. DON'T LIKE HIM AT ALL