Tuesday, February 26, 2013

TWD review Season 2 ep. 2

Flashback time on TWD the morning that Rick gets shot from what I can tell. Yep I was correct she is rather calm when the police cars roll up letting her know that he's in surgery. Of course her son's school is about to let out so that might have something to do with it.
Anywho so we shall how Shane broke it to Rick's wife that Rick was shot we've now seen how Carl's mom broke it to him now how is Rick going to break it to his wife that Carl has been shot?!?

Is running with him shot a good idea? So it was a big fat man that accidently shot the boy see this is why nobody should stand that close to a deer.
Apparently there is a whole family living in the middle of nowhere one just happens to be a doctor how handy is that?
OH SHIT So sorry folks apparently Carl is the son and RICK is the dad I've been calling the dad CARL sorry for all the confusion that's my fault.
Man Rick has no clean uniforms left does he...
Okay so this is a no win situation that man didn't mean to shoot your son. You shouldn't have let your son get so close to a wild animal to begin with. Everyone in the woods heard one shot and now people want to know what the frack is happening.
I love BDS guy "Am I the only one zen around here? God Lord" LOL cracks me up.
Apparently the black guy has an infection in his cut arm b/c well why not
Rick blames himself too many time for too many things I swear its horrible...
Damn the guy is doing surgery without any thing to help with the pain. Gawd it looks painful... man this is some old school medicine happening in this house shit.
So Shane now has the task of telling one pissed off Lori who happens to be RICKS's wife that his son was shot. Could you image being put in that position?!
I have to admit he is being a hell of a friend but wait instead of telling the wife he is going to face a hoard of zombies to get the equiment needed to say the son of his best friend whom he wishes was his and at one point was pretending was his.
So Lori is brought to the house and the rest of the crew try to figure out how to be there. Blonde chick is saved by girl on a horse who took Lori to Carl.
Oh Lord turns out the doctor is a vet not a doctor, doctor.
Oh poor Otis is trying so hard to help but he's just not in shape enough to keep quiet and Lord help me there is no way they are going to be able to get in and out without one or both of them being bit or scrached.
So aparently BDS guy's brother got the clap occasionally so he had antibotics the whole time. I am loving BDS guy seriously he always comes through.
And Rick must have never told Shane about how he got out of Altanta seriously folks smell like the dead and you can walk around among the dead. Then again a flare works too I guess
How many extras do you think they need for this show to dress up as zombie hoards...
I have a bad feeling about this I don't think Otis is going to make it at all. What about you?

Well the flares only last so long I mean how long did you think it was going to keep them occupied. Yep this makes me want to get in shape I mean fat people never make it through these kind of things or situations. So that gate will only hold them for a little while they know that right?

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