Monday, February 25, 2013

We are on season 2

So we are off to a good start they are heading to Texas cause that makes sense to them. Not me mind you. Carl says good bye to his friends that were suppose to follow him and heads off with the family. Shane is still harboring some love for Carl's wife and I really hope we end that soon. Looks like Shane is going to try to make the blonde woman love him in some way or at least she is his next victim. (I don't know if you can tell but I don't like Shane) anywho he is all like let me teach you how to clean your weapon and ooh. Then they stumble upon a crash site that is preventing them from getting along well on the highway. So now we are going to try to go through the crash site. Then of course the RV breaks down... luckily you have enough broken vehicles around that you can savage parts you know if you don't mind all the dead things walking around...
SEE I told you that the dead were coming and holy crap that is a ton of them. Then home skillet goes and cuts his arm. No minorities are going to make it through this show are they? Its like a typical horror movie. Then stupid blonde is trying to reassemble her weapon that she doesn't know how to reassemble so that's going to go well. I swear this group just can't catch a break... then again it is a zombie show so if they caught a break it wouldn't be a very good show would it...

Readneck BDS boy saves black man that should be the newspaper heading...blonde is now thinking that she wishes she would have just burned to death at the CDC and the little girl moved too soon so I wonder how that is going to go damn they are moving fast after her. No worries little one Carl is on it. I do feel bad for the little girl part of me is like stop running deeper in the woods the other part is like RUN FOREST again no worry cause Carl is on it.
See the little girl didn't even listen to Carl she ran off before she was suppose to now they are all looking around the woods for her and someone else is going to die b/c of it. If she would've just listen then she would be back with her mom and everything would be... well as fine as it can be when there are zombies walking around. Then again she is like 7 or 8 and well they don't listen when there are no  zombies running around so I can only image what they would be like with "walkers" (sorry got tired of saying zombie)
Now Carl's wife is pissed that Shane blew off her son and is giving her a cold shoulder. Why is she so confusing I am even confused on her behavior. Oh and Shane is going to be a BIG man and leave for good slipping away like a thief in the night. She's all you can't and I'm all like you should just freaking leave already Shane no one likes you nor do they need you. Plus you might make another "mistake" and accidently try to rape someone again...
EWWW that's gross they are opening the belly of a zombie up to see if he ate Sophia (little girl who ran away when she should've stayed.) That's not something I wanted to see... Oh and no worries it wasn't the little girl it was a woodchuck. She is 12 years old not 8 she should know better. Her mother is freaking out and BDS guy is like we cut the son of a bitch open to make sure. Oh sure lady blame the man who is trying to help and save your little girl. The same one that wouldn't listen to him.
Shane you can't talk to a woman like that and expect her to sleep with you afterwords.
So the blonde is pissed that she didn't end her life and she is pissed at Dale for taking her choice away. He's a freaking old man I mean he thinks of her like a daughter but all she can see is that she didn't want his blood on her hands. GET OVER YOURSELF you know what Dale give her the gun and leave her ass behind if she really wants a choice on how to die then she can shoot herself in the head after you have all moved on.
The sad part about Shane is how he is treating the little guy.
Okay the tent part is just wrong... someone explain to me why the WHOLE group had to go into the woods to look for a small girl? And who the hell thought ringing bells would be a good idea?
Look a Southern Baptist Church how cute surrounded by a grave yard and full of zombies awesome. 
Yeah I'm sorry but I think Shane is absolutely loosing it. OH and the blonde now has some dirt on Shane and Carl's wife see what happens when you loose control. You let things slip and others start to hear about it and that's when things go bad. It still amazes me how TV protrays Christians as if this zombie attack was a punishment from God. And if that were true would any Christian survive? What's the point of this praying scene?
Now Blonde wants to run away w/crazy Shane is this the scene where Carl kills Shane... Let's hope or maybe hope not who cares.
Oh now its time for Carl to pray at least he's not sounding like a this is my punishment b/c I wanted my wife beating husband to die so now God has taken my only child as punishment b/c wishing my beating husband would die is a BAD thing and NO ONE does that.
God the blonde needs to get over her chip on her shoulder mentality. She is annoying the hell out of me and I am wishing that she would've just stayed behind and blown up. What does she mean I didn't want your blood on my hands you would've been dead... how would you have known his blood was on your hands anyway. GAWD you are freaking driving me insane.
Then Carl's wife gives a hell of a good speech and a deer magically appears in front of the group.  The only thing cooler would be if it turned out to be a zombie deer. But alas that is not the case... I don't think I would let my kid get that close to one. Then he gets shot WTF?!?!

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