Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TWD season 1 ep 6 review

The city belongs to the dead.
Great beginning
so sad about the sister though dang girl let the body go what if she came back to life. Apparently though in this show if you die before turning you don't come back to life so that's good to know.
So never mind on that note
Our people go over there damn straight
Oh no Jim dang it why did he have to get bit...
So now we are going to CDC for a cure?
Crap little sister is awake so much for theory a
girl shot that thing and nevermind
Crap Jim come on man you know that this isn't going to go well
And now we are burying the dead
Carl just wants to help and everyone just wants to survive.
Jim come on man seriously don't make this hard you know you are not going to make it out of here alive
Shane is getting pissy at Carl just admit you lied to his wife so that you could bang her
Shane if you shoot Carl so help me God
The old man knows that you were going to shoot him
Dude Shane you are freaking loosing it power corrupts absolutely just saying
I love that Carl still talks to the guy he left behind
Why in gods name would you separate from the group that don't make any sense espcially with 2 small children.
Now Jim wants to be left are you kidding me seriously man you couldn't decide that earlier before they left?
At least he made sure there was no guilt attached to it
Man they are all super sweet to him which is a nice touch
Wait so the RV is fixed?
Still feel bad for Jim
So apparently there really is someone left at the CDC but he's now ruined all the samples and is drinking is this a good thing I ask?
I think tomorrow I am going to blow my brains out I haven't decided. But tonight I'm getting drunk LOL he's crazy or at least going that way
Oh so apparently he didn't want to open the doors but Carl's Your killing us statement made him... Interested to see what happens. If nothing else at least now they have wine.

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