Monday, February 18, 2013


Season 1 Ep 5

Two sisters sitting in a boat arguing over how to tie a knot yep going to be a good episode.
And they are remembering the good old days
Back on dry land
Someone tell me is it good to dig around in the ground when you are living in a world where the dead come back to life
back to Atlanta bro tries to kill black guy b/c other bro's hand is all that is left so far
Dang Boondocks saint guys clears a room nicely
Back to guy digging I think he is having a mental break down personally but that's just me
BDS just killed another zombie
Apparently there will be fish for dinner at camp.
Still looking for WT
Someone explain to me why the WHOLE group has to go talk to the crazy man
I agree he is out by himself and wants to be left alone I think that's a good idea
oh no he's questioning Shane that doesn't ever turn out well.
Poor guy he's dealing with the fact that his wife and kids died let him be seriously
LOL so the Asian kid is super smart and everyone is shocked all he did was deliver pizza before this. When his plan is awesome
Except he gets kidnapped which isn't good by a Mexican looking gang...
Jim is finally coming down from his crazy high after being tied to a tree. Seriously he's just a man who lost his family
So now we are after gang bangers and I smell a trap yo
BDS guy is starting to grow on me then again I always liked him Irish
And the gang bangers are at a lost when Granny arrives LOL she kind of takes over. and brings them to a nursing home
Turns out gang bangers are protecting the old isn't that sweet I really like them and feel bad for the group but it was nice what they are doing
Old white trash guy stole the truck and is now on his way to camp
So they all run back to camp
OH CRAP zombies attack and wife beating ED is dead and so is sweet innocent sister crap crap crap
such is life Gawd that was a sad ending
Stupid Jim I remember why I was digging the holes now... really man not helpful

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