Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Walking Dead S1E2

Alright on with the re-watch we are on S1E2: Guts


So we start this one off with some sex… I think its full of guilt but eh its sex and sometimes in the stressful situations of life say like dead people come back to life it might be called for. That or Shane has always had a thing for your wife (coveted her if you will) and well is taking full advantage of the fact he LEFT YOUR BUTT FOR DEAD… just saying not that you are aware of any of this right now Rick.
Moving on from that little soap box preaching…

There’s good news? No
I know we should trust the voice, but I would be leery has hell just saying.

When you jump from something you should roll and conserve your ammo just a suggestion.
Follow the little Asian it was nice of him to come get you. What happens if they learn to climb the ladder?

Still a dumbass LOL
Oh I guess that answer the climbing question

Bright side it will be the fall that kills us I’m a half full kind of guy. Man I love Glen.
Oh look 2 beaters… Andrea is a freaking loony. You didn’t all have to all stay.

Does it frighten anyone else that the walkers know to use rocks to break glass in order to get in.
Dixon is a scary SOB

Good to know that prejudices will survive even when the world goes to shit we will all keep playing the damn race card. Get off it. Bullies will be bullies no matter what
Go Rick!! GO RICK!! Kick the dumbass inbred white trash’s ass

I don’t know about anyone else but I wouldn’t have brought the crazy white guy unless I truly planned for him to get eaten…
Always nice to have someone from the city’s zoning office on your side.

I’m sorry but there is no way in hell I would go down in a dark damp sewer without much light hoping that we don’t get eaten before we find a way out… And look it’s the two minorities that go. Odds say one is not coming out.
Seriously she didn’t know that red is dead?

Holy Moses SEE I told you there were dead people in the sewer. Nasty business it is.
Crap they got through the first set of doors.

Drawn like dogs by sound. If bad ideas were Olympic events this would take the gold. Nasty they are carrying in a walker that is now dead. And uh I think they are chopping him up… OH nones they are, they are going to wear him. NOT COOL!
It was nice that he tried to learn something about the dead guy you know before they chopped him into bits. LOL one more thing he was an organ donor Gawd I heart Glen

Okay seriously the gore on this show is OFF THE CHART and even if you don’t look at it the noises they make or the sounds in the background are enough. Holy Moses I am going to hurl there is no thinking about it. For sure not a show you can watch while eating…
Oh this is bad, this is really bad… think of something else. Someone just hurled I think it was Glen Poor guy  I wouldn’t have lasted that long.

We need more guts… uh no you don’t you’re good in fact you’re A OKAY
This is brave walking out with the walkers covered in their smell not sure I would do it, but then again what do you have to lose… oh yeah your freaking life.

Oh no one is walking on a broken foot and for some reason my ankle just gave a shout of horror.
I honestly think I would wet myself numerous times over if I was told to do this.

Oh of course it’s going to rain cause the drama just isn’t amped enough for this show.
Man Shane just took over Rick’s life didn’t he? Playing the dad and the lover pretending to be Rick sick SOB

IDK I think I wouldn’t risk sending more people in to rescue the people trapped then again that’s what separates us from the animals’ right? Crap I don’t what I would do.
Ooh ooh I think that walker knows I think she knows. Glen I would be freaking out too She is way too close for anyone’s comfort

Oh and here comes the rain…Uh don’t worry or anything but guys I think you’re scent is fading and your real scent is stronger stupid rain.
Uh I think the walkers know… RUN

Okay axes and knives are working… oh snap and then you have to climb a fence what? I think they can climb and if that’s not enough I think they can just knock it over.
Oh that one is ambitious. Just run him over yep there goes the fence…

Drawing the walkers away with a car alarm well a sweet fast car alarm ride oh and the white trash guy is begging not to be left after what he did I would leave his ass b/c he will try the same shit again.
Funny how he doesn’t see that this is what he has earned in life… do bad and bad things happen

Glen is one brave mo fo. Oh the walkers have broken into the building.
I’m seriously on pins and needles… whew they made it oh thank you!
If I was on a roof trapped I don’t think I would make any noise doesn’t that bring them to you?

Now they must live with their guilt over Dixon dying I guess there would be some PTSD associated with that.
Glen said SCREW THIS SHIT and is heading home LOL having fun every step of the way.

Another excellent episode makes me appreciate AMC all the more. What did you guys think of this one?

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