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No better cause we have bugs

You know how last time I promised you a GREAT review on the next episode... well shit! I can't sorry!!! I just can't do it. BUGS HANDS DOWN WAS THE WORSE episode in SUPERNATURAL history. It's so bad that they even made fun of it later on down the road...


Well here goes...
Oh look it's Ryan Robbins from Sanctuary and Stargate Atlantis man when they use Canadian actors they really go out and use them. Oh and I think he is in an episode of Psych too... okay sorry side note
Uh one looking at us goes to spray something and falls into a pit. LOTS OF BUGS (ha get the title yeah this WHOLE fracking episode is about BUGS the one thing I really don't like so this is part of why it didn't work for me) come and EAT him. Or not I think he died of Mad Cow Disease or something like that.
I didn't know you could get that from anything other than Cows... did I just make myself sound really smart or really stupid... wait... don't answer that! Moving on to some lovely quotes.

We flash to a bar and Jensen AKA Dean walks out counting money
Dean: (after winning at gambling) Work, work work. No time to spend my money.
Sam gives him crap about not earning an "honest" living
Dean: Hunting's our day job. And the pay is crap.
: Yeah, but hustling pool, credit card scams... It's not the most honest thing in the world, Dean.
: Well let's see. Honest... fun and easy. (pause) It's no contest. Besides, we're good at it, it's what we were raised to do.
: Yeah, well, how we were raised was jacked.

Anyway while Dean was out having fun Sam found a job
Sam: Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.
: Huh? (confused)
: Human Mad Cow Disease.
: Mad Cow.... wasn't that on Oprah?
: You watch Oprah?(Dean looks embarrassed.)
It was a really cute moment.

SO off they head to sunny side hell farm or where ever in someplace that funny enough looks like the suburb I see on my way to work makes me laugh every time.
 I think they checked the hole first but, I am refusing to go back to double check that's how professional I am.
Dean commenting on a place like sunny side hell farm...
Dean: Growing up in a place like this would freak me out.
: Why?
: The manicured lawns, "How was your day, honey?" I'd blow my brains out.
: There's nothing wrong with normal.
: I'd take our family over normal any day.
Dean: Hmm... looks like there's only room for one. You wanna flip a coin?
: Dean, we have no idea what's down there.
: All right. I'll go if you're scared. Scared?
: Flip the damn coin!
Dean: Call it in the air, chicken. (flips coin)
: (catches coin) I'm going... don't drop me!

Dean: So you found some beetles, in a hole, in the ground. That's shocking, Sam!
NERD MOMENT: They find a beetle not sure why that was important... oh yeah b/c said weirdo above died from beetles or mad cow disease this still begs the question can you die from mad cow disease without eating mad meat? hold on I am going to google it.

No for the record you have to eat tainted meat... so now I am even more confused about this episode... *sigh* let's move on. Nerd moment over...
They decide to check out an open house
Dean: Kinda hungry for a little barbeque. How about you? (Sam glares at him) What, we can't talk to the locals?
Sam: And the free food's got nothing to do with it?
: Of course not, I'm a professional!

when they get to the door
Larry: Let me just say. We accept home owners of any race, religion, color or... sexual orientation.
: We're brothers.

So they move off to the food.

 Where they meet this lady
Real Estate Agent: We accept home owners of all race, religion, color, or... sexual orientation.
: Right. Um, I'm going to go talk to Larry. Okay, Honey? (smacks Sam on the butt)

Okay so they meet a weird kid
who it turns out is the main guys son who happens to yell at him for being weird...
which leads to this
m: Well, Dad never treated you like that, you were perfect. He was all over my case. You don't remember?
: Well, maybe he had to raise his voice, but sometimes you were out of line.
: Right! Right, like when I said I'd rather play soccer than learn bow hunting.
: Bow hunting's an important skill!

Oh look we get a glimpse of why Sam left!

The boys leave and see a house for sale Dean tells Sam to pull in
Sam: We're gonna squat in an empty house?
Dean: I wanna try the steam shower.

Would the water be turned on? Or for that matter the electricity? I don't mean to pick bones here but, come on!
 And honestly this was the scene where I was done...

 The boys hear the call over the scanner Sam get's mad and calls Dean in the shower who answers with a towel on his head...
Dean: This shower is awesome!
Dead woman lots of fake spiders go and question boy, we learn more about Sam's horrible life growing up.
(describing Sam's role in the Winchester family)Dean: ├Łou were kinda like the blonde chick in The Munsters!

they then find a grave yard leads them to old man Indian who tells them
 (Dean and Sam find an old Indian playing cards in a diner)
Sam: Joe White Tree?
Sam: We'd like to ask you a few questions, if that's all right.
Dean: We're students from the university.
Joe: No you're not. You're lying.
Dean: Um. Well, truth is...
Joe: You know who starts sentence with "truth is"? Liars.
Sam: Have you heard of Oasis Plains? It's a housing development, near the Otoka Valley.
Joe: I like him. He's not a liar.
Why did they have to name the Indian Joe? That's not racist at all... *rolls eyes*

 After convo with Joe
Sam: So every year about this time, anybody in Oasis Plains is in danger. Larry built his neighborhood on cursed land.
Dean: And on the sixth night, that's tonight!
Sam: If we don't do something, Larry's family will be dead by sunrise. So how do we break the curse?
Dean: You don't break a curse. You get out of its way. We gotta get those people out, now.
and I'm not sure what happens next except the boy is involved there were a lot of bees and well this part.
Matt: Sorry, I told the truth.
Dean: We had a plan, Matt. What happened to the plan?
Then I got nothing I know the family is saved b/c hey it's only Season 1 and they can't not save EVERYONE. Just wait though by season 7 EVERYBODY dies LOL
 And b/c that was yet another shitty review here's some more eye candy.

I give up here's the review I stole again from Supernatural Fan Wiki LOL maybe from now on you should just go there for the reviews!

Travis Weaver and Dustin Burwash are working on the construction at a new housing complex when Dustin suddenly falls into a sinkhole that opens beneath him. By the time Travis gets back to him with a rope, Dustin is dead.

The local newspaper reports that Dustin died from the human form of Mad Cow Disease, but Sam is suspicious. They head out to Oklahoma gas and Power to talk to Travis but end up none the wiser about the way Dustin died. Their next plan is to visit Oasis Plains - the housing complex Travis and Dustin were working on.

Sam climbs down the sinkhole but finds nothing more than a dead beetle. He suggests to Dean that maybe Dustin was eaten by the bugs, but Dean isn't sure about itl. They notice signs for a barbeque get together for anyone interested in purchasing one of the new Oasis Plains homes and decide to head over. They start asking a few questions, but still find nothing of any importance. They do, however, meet Matt Pike, the son of the developer, who seems to have a distinct interest in bugs. They wonder if maybe he has something to do with the bugs that killed Dustin.

That night, Linda Bloome, the realtor for Oasis Plains, is attacked by hundreds of spiders and falls into the glass shower screen, killing herself. Sam and Dean sneak into her house to investigate and find several dead spiders on the floor. They talk further to Matt who reveals that he has noticed some strange behaviour from the local insects recently - as though they are congregating in the area.

Digging around, Dean uncovers an old skull which they take to a local college professor to look at. With the help of him and a local Native American Indian called Joe White Tree, they soon discover that Oasis Plains is being built on a cursed site. By the end of that night, everyone white person living in the area would be dead.

They rush to try and get the Pike family out of their house, but aren't quite fast enough. They find themselves trapped inisde the house along with the Pike's just as the bugs start attacking. With the help of a can of bug spray and a lighter, they manage to fend off the insects until the sun rises and the curse is ended.

Lesson Learned: DO NOT PLAY WITH BUGS and for God sake don't build on an old Indian cemetary
Final grade: C almost, no in fact I give this one a D IT SUCKED for me

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