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Home is where my heart is!

Okay this one was an excellent story line for me. And honestly one of my favorites. We get to see that Sam is "special" in some way. We see Dean's perspective on why he is the way he is. We learn that John did not know anything about the supernatural until Mary died. We get to meet the fantastic Missouri (pissed she never appears again) and we get to meet mom. Oh and also we get to see some anguish that is lost in later episodes. All that in a day's work! The only negative I loose a little respect for dad in this episode.

Okay since this is one of my faves I am going to attempt to do a semi-normal review. We start the whole show with a recap. This time it is actually important b/c I've been gone a while so a nice recap started things off well. Then it moves into a pretty woman and her kids. The kiddo swears somethings in her closet (and after watching Monster's Inc I would be a little cautious too) however, mom dismisses it. We never learn what happens to dad but, he's not in the picture. Mom is unpacking and thinks she hears something in the basement so of course she goes and checks it out (NO NO NO women do not survive in this show long and if you are stupid by checking out weird noises you for sure aren't going to survive.) Any who she is in a basement it is dark and the lights don't work. But, she does manage to find a box of stuff that has Dean and Sam in it.

Later she is banging on a window screaming for help and we cue to Sam waking up in a hotel room. And yes ladies he is fully clothed. Next we cut to Dean (fully clothed) drinking coffee and attempting to find the next job...
(Dean reads stories about weird deaths from a newspaper; Sam isn't listening)
Dean: Hey! Am I boring you with this hunting-evil stuff?
Sam: No, I'm listening. (he really isn't he is in fact drawing over a pre-drawled picture of a tree)
Dean: And here, a Sacramento man shot himself in the head... three times.
(holds up three fingers and waves them at Sam)
Dean: Any of these blowing up your skirt, pal?
Here's the picture in case you were wondering...
Sam suddenly gets up b/c he remembers where he saw that tree before. It's the tree in front of his house. I was confused at first b/c I thought he was like 2 when they started "hunting things" how the hell did he remember the damn tree but, the writers were one step ahead of me and well answered it with a picture.

And Sam says:
Sam: I know where we have to go next.
Dean: Where?
Sam: Back home, back to Kansas.
Dean: OK random, where'd that come from?

Love that quote at the bottom from Dean... any who Sam starts to tell Dean that he has nightmares and that he has had them for a while in fact (cue dramatic music cause this was important) he dreamed of Jessica's death days before it happened...
See that shit was important and will continue to be so from now on (just a hint in case you weren't sure you should trust me on this)
Sam: I have these nightmares.
Dean: I've noticed.
Sam: And sometimes they come true.
Dean: Come again?

The brothers argue Sam thinks this could be the thing that killed mom and Jess. Dean doesn't argue b/c he just doesn't want to go back but, is scared that Sam is right. So off they go and we finally get to see the house that the boys grew up in... In KS 30 minutes from my home (just a side note)

Ok so anyway they approach Dean tries to start off with a FBI but, Sam interjects and tells the truth. The lady says what the hell and let's them walk in the house (I personally would've too b/c they were so pretty but, not a safe move lady not a safe move at all) Any who on top of letting 2 complete strangers (HAWT but strange men) into her house she introduces them to her children (nice Sarai I would like for you to meet your future fathers? What no? Fine...) They ask about the house she rattles off that the lights flicker and she hears rats but, has yet to see one. Sam's all light Dean I'm right we have to do something and Dean's all like
Dean: I'm just freaked out your weirdo visions are coming true.

Das boys leave and head to a gas station where they have a heart to heart and decide to interview old friend and neighbors of their father. Dean does a hell of a touching phone call to his dad pleading him to help on this case. (It was really sad I mean if I had been Dean's dad I would've dropped everything and rushed to his and Sam's aids... just saying) Here's the voicemail:
Dean: Dad, I know I've left messages before. I don't even know if you get 'em. But I'm with Sam and we're in Lawrence and there's something in our old house. I don't know if it's the thing that killed Mom or not... but... (tears up I mean come on he FREAKING tears up for the love of all that is holy) I don't know what to do. So whatever you're doing, if you could get here... please. I need your help, Dad.
See Seriously SEE doesn't that break your heart?

Needless to say their questions land them at a psychic named Missouri and woman I hold near and dear to my heart b/c she rocks! I love that their first meeting she tells the boys:
Missouri: You two have grown up handsome. (looks at Dean) And you were one goofy looking kid. (Sam smiles)
Then she is able to read Sam's mind and it freaks Dean out...
Missouri: Boy, you put your foot on my coffee table, I'm going to whack you with a spoon.
Dean: I didn't do anything.
: You were thinking about it.
It just get's better and better with Missouri
Missouri: Sam, oh honey. I'm sorry about your girlfriend. And your father... he's missing.
Sam: How'd you know all that?
Missouri: Well, you were just thinking it, just now.
Dean: Where is he? Is he okay?
Missouri: I don't know.
Don't know? Your supposed to be a psychic, right?
Missouri: Boy, you see me sawing some bony tramp in half?! You think I'm a magician?! I may be able to read thoughts and sense energies in a room but I can't pull facts out of thin air.

Needless to say they take Missouri over to the pretty lady's house after the plumber gets his hand hacked off and the boy child gets himself locked in the refrigerator which I am still confused about why is the shelves big enough for a 2 year to get locked in? Seriously what are you storing in there that you need that much height?

Back to the story Missouri convinces mom and kids to leave so that she and the grown men can punch holes in the wall to fill them with hex bags. During this time the spirit attacks them each in a fun and unique way. Sam get's strangled, Dean gets knives thrown at him and Missouri is taken out by a dresser slamming into her. Mom and kids come home to a BIG mess
Which I can't find a picture of so when she looks around Missouri says this...
Missouri: Don't worry – Dean's going to clean up this mess. Well what are you waiting for, boy. Grab the mop. (Dean glares silently) And don't cuss at me!
They clean up Sam isn't convinced it is over so he makes Dean camp outside. Sure enough the woman is banging on the glass and the boys run in. Dean grabs the girl and Sam grabs the kids. Half way out Sam turns to the little girl Sarai and says take your brother outside as fast as you can. Go!
Which if you have paid any attention to the opening recaps that's exactly what John says to Dean about Sam WHAT?! I know.
Sam get's dragged back in the house the kids are safe Dean panics and breaks down the door just in time to see a fire like person walking up to Sam. Before he can shot the creature Sam tells him to stop...
Sam: No don't! Don't!
Dean: What, why?
Sam: Because I know who it is. I can see her now.
Dean: Mom.
Mary: [smiling] Dean.
Mary: Sam. I'm sorry.
Sam: [bewildered] F-for what?
Mary: You get out of my house. And let go of my son!

Awww we get to see old Mary who dies again saving her boys. The boys leave Missour comes back to make sure the bad mojo is gone she realizes that Sam sensed it even when she couldn't
Missouri: You sensed it was here, didn't you? Even when I couldn't.
: What's happening to me?
: I know I should have all the answers but... I don't know.
(this gets answered in about 3 to 4 episodes) any way Sam and Dean drive off and Missouri goes home only to show us that papa has been there all along... She is pissed and asked him why he won't talk to his boys

I honestly can't tell if John is happy or sad that Mary's spirit is gone even though it was to defend his boys.

Well there you go folks one of my favorite episodes in a nutshell. A very large nutshell but, a Sarai recap at her finest!!!

Lesson Learned: Always trust a psychic named Missouri that lives in Kansas

Final Grade: A it gave a HUGE amount of background info we needed without dumping and it showed us an emo side of the boys.

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