Friday, January 25, 2013

The Walking Dead S1E1 thoughts

So I started my re-watch in hopes of catching up before my trip here are my random thoughts while watching S1E1: Days Gone By

My Notes:
I don't know about anyone else but I sure as heck wouldn't walk thru a bunch of parked cars without checking under them first. I'm just saying.

I mean if you are going to do that at least look for extra supplies take one of the knives sticking out of the tree or something. Cause you know something is coming... I mean come on the name of the show is The Walking Dead…

Oh oh good now you look under the car…
Don’t do it man she’s a zombie no way a little kid could survive a zombie attack just to walk around like nothing happened. COMMON SENSE is the only way to survive. I get you don’t to kill her so just turn and walk away or better yet slowly back away its better this way trust me.

Good news she is slow moving so that’s a bonus not 28 days fast. Also you are apparently a crack shot with one bullet to head also a good thing to know.
Flash back time: Rev Shane time and buddy time. And let’s talk about marriage problems together… depressing get back to zombies!
Now we get some action… maybe

Is this an omen a dead cat on the road?!?
Damn… look at that car flip

I’m impressed with the gun protocol you don’t see on a lot of shows. If a man walks in front of you, you lower your weapon until he passes then raise it again. Good job Walking Dead on getting that right!
So first shot in the vest second was deadly apparently or near deadly awe that’s cute he has cowboy boots on.

That would suck to wake up in a hospital like that… dead flower, no one around, hot and sweaty and apparently in pain… yep that would suck. Dang then add a fall that would hurt like hell oh then add to thinking you’ve been mistreated oh hell no. Add to it the hospital looks like a war zone and not knowing what was going on wait there’s some power but at one point you have to light a match come on…
I like the flashy lights they set the mood for the half eaten dead woman. The gore factor is high in this one. Good job Rick walk away from the half eaten dead woman.

Dang that’s a lot of blood don’t walk in it man gets some shoes and clothes on.
Don’t Open Dead inside yeah that’s enough to send me over the edge and then they try to escape. This is why having shoes and clothing on already would’ve been a smart move. GET OUT!
Okay the fingers are just creepy as hell pass! No, no on the fire escape unless you have a flash light. Matches won’t cut it and just makes things scary as hell. Holy Moses this is going to be bad.

Uh pass on walking through the massive amounts of dead bodies I wouldn’t want to risk one of them waking up.
Dang looks like the hospital’s been hit by mortars and explosions.

Hey in my Max Brooks book surviving a zombie take over (so not the name but you get the idea) it says to grab a bike so smart move Rick! Oh that’s a half zombie and creepy as all get out… ew
That’s a lot of exertion for a man just out of the hospital. Yes yell louder that will bring them out of hiding… They’re dead move on sorry to be cruel, but she didn’t think you cared about the relationship to begin with so.

Fine I agree it’s sad and yes I would think I was dreaming too. For the love of all things holy you are home get some damn clothes on and shoes for pete sake. Oh and PS people just don’t walk around in a daze in the middle of the street. Don’t fall for it.
Although a creepy kid just sunk up on your ass and hit you with a shovel. Answer the man with the damn gun Rick for shit sake don’t be a dumb ass.

Did you get bit, chewed, scratched or anything like that? Yep weird question no matter what the context.
Gosh that has to be scary as a kid could you image trying to figure out your world in a place where you pretty much kill anything as soon as you can just to make sure you don’t get infected?

It was a walker… I like that name better than zombie doesn’t make it sound so crazy or scary.
Hey mister do you even know what’s going on?

You get a quick lesson which is handy! Love the plot dump/info dump there, but it was useful and relevant to someone who just woke up.
Okay I’m more upset by the kid crying for his mother that’s a walker than I am about anything else so far. Poor kid.

Dude I think she sees you at the peephole… Oh snap she’s trying the door. That ain’t right I don’t care how you spin it.
Should’ve put her down… no you shouldn’t have I mean I understand why you didn’t but I don’t think I could have shot the father of my kid in front of him during this time… unless he went after our kid then maybe oh hell I don’t know

What is this a killing training exercise.
He just beat a man to death and the guy ask are you all right? I love that Rick answered I need a moment. LOL so do I Rick so do I.

Atlanta refugee center… my ass I don’t think you can have a refugee center in an outbreak like that could you?
Screw that shit I would just stay at the police station, guns, shower, food and what not.

Man they love a shower. Dude I bet they stunk to high heaven maybe that’s why so many walkers were around.
Of all the clothes you could pick to wear you pick your uniform? Seriously is that even comfortable.

Dude it’s a walker cop and of course someone that Rick knows oh Leo the dumb one yeah he can’t be left like that… poor dumb fellow
I personally think the guy should have gone with Rick safety in numbers and all that jazz

That’s nice that Rick is putting down the half of a zombie she can’t be a walker cause she can’t walk so I’m calling her officially the only zombie in this show.
That’s sad that he’s finally going to put his wife down. Poor man I think that would be one of the hardest things to do.

How does one become the leader of a band of misfits who survived the rising?
Wait isn’t that Rick’s wife and kid screwing his best friend…
I mean I guess the safest way is to screw the leader then you know you will always be protected…

Guess he ran out of gas that is why we ride bikes.
I don’t know if I would announce myself so loudly as I walked up to a house where I wasn’t sure if walkers where in or not. I mean think about it where do they go during the day?

He’s doing good I’d yacked up my everything a long time ago.
Why does everyone assume the keys to a truck on in the blinders? Is that where one should keep them? I mean TV and movies always show that.

Also would you trust a horse? What if he has been bitten? Poor horse it never goes well for minorities or horses in any horror show or movie.
I personally think that horse was happy as hell to get the frack out of the pen…

Question would you go to Atlanta when no one answered your radio call?
Okay that is one creepy ass walker he looked like a killer in real life. Why were they all on a bus? Is that where they hang out during the day?

Okay in many myths crows or ravens are a bad sign as if an empty big ass metropolitan city wasn’t bad enough those 2 birds would’ve been enough for me.
Damn see I told you poor horse!
Climbing under a tank smart or not well now he’s in a tank so I guess that’ an improvement?

Oh sweet Moses that guys not dead. Dude are you now deaf? I would be crap I bet that was loud.
Sweet me that is a creepy walker almost like he can think which isn’t right.

Oh snap I think he’s thinking suicide until he hears “hey you dumbass”
And insert cliff hanger thank God this is on instant streaming!
Well there are my thoughts with no filter as I watched the ep. I hope you enjoy the show as much as I do! I hate when they leave it on a cliffhanger...
What do you think of The Walking Dead?

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