Friday, January 11, 2013

Runaways pt. 2

Yep you guessed it I finally was able to catch up on this fantastic series and can I just say HOLY MOSES I didn't see that one coming!

Okay so I left off when the kids running away after attacking their parents when they found out they were super villains. Well apparently one of them was a mole b/c they left a note and would leave hints and clues as to where they were. We also learn up to issue 18 that there is this whole cult element, captain American makes a guess appearance, and who the FREAKING mole is and can I just say WOW not the one I thought.

We see how the parents formed the Pride group, why they did it and actually the reason why their parents joined an evil force attempting to take over the world. Or rather will destroy the world after giving them all 25 years of powers to help them weed out anyone that stands in the way. The kids learn that their parents made a pact to save them by each having one child and then that child would take their places after the world was destroyed.

Love the story idea love the twist wasn't sure who the mole was, but once it was explained I got it. Loved how the saga ended although I thought having Captain America make a guest appearance was pretty awesome (he's my favorite comic book hero). I love how the kids banned together and continued to learn their powers and how to fight with them. Even at the end when they learned one of them had betrayed the group they still worked together and remained in contact.

The graphics are good, the story line is great I felt like I could really connect with all the characters and I loved learning about them and how their powers worked as they learned about it. For sure this is one series that I HIGHLY recommend to any and all that want a new graphic novel.

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