Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chuck Rewatch still on... just on a delay

Okay we have moved on to Episode 3 Chuck vs. The Tango

I don't think this was one of my favorites although the tango scene between Chuck and Awesome were freaking funny


 Love his face in this cap

 Also look at Chuck's sister's face LOL she is having way too much fun watching this

Then when Chuck actually gets to the art auction and tries to dance with a woman he has to have her lead in order to do it since he only learned the lady's part of the dance.

All of this was due to Casey being funny and telling Chuck that he would be fine and nothing would happen to him assuming he knew how to tango. Chuck finds out later that it was a little bit of spy humor.

Meanwhile Morgan is trying to rally the guys which led to Chuck saying: It's not fair we need to come up with something non-gender specific how do we feel about team? Which then led to Anna suggesting: Nerd Herders Lester suggested The Lesters and Jeff lovable Jeff suggested Chuck's stable of hoes LOL. Chuck didn't find it nearly as funny as I did.

Any who Morgan can't stand old computers and gets locked in the cage leading to him BLOWING Chuck's id. Now keep in mind Morgan didn't know, but really man maybe it's time to grow some balls.
Anyway after some almost torture Chuck comes back to save Morgan and his potential position at the Buy More, but is it really over...

All in all like I said not one of my favorites other than the tango scenes. Sarah gets to kick some ass and so does Casey. Chuck looks really cute in a tux, but eh could take this one or leave it... here are some extra screen shots

And as always you can see what I tweeted while I watched on my #chuckrewatch twitter also some additional caps and thoughts there.

What was your favorite part of this episode?

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