Monday, January 7, 2013

7 things

B/c I am out of ideas and I love her blog I give you 7 things about me (another idea stolen from the lovely Everyday Wena)

7 Things I want to do before I die….
1. Travel the World (starting of course with India in like 3 weeks)
2. Go to a Supernatural Convention (Hoping to do that this year or next)
3. Attend a MAJOR con like comicon or dragoncon ;)
4. Learn Greek
5. Finish one of the MANY stories I have started and stopped through the years
6. Start my own non-profit organization for human trafficking victims
7. Read 150 books in a year

7 Things I can’t do…
1. Speak any language other than English and I'm not that good at that language
2. Any kind of exercise for long
3. Run a mile even when being chased by a serial killer (I would instead stop and tell him to just get it over with already...)
4. Make it to the 2nd horror movie
5. Watch a horror film without analyzing the killer and deciding how I would treat them if they were my patient...
6. Not talk during a movie it is damn near impossible
7. Talk to people intelligently when I greatly respect them or have a crush on them... (its weird that's how it works but if your cute or a great person you get nada from me.)

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex…
1. Eyes (seriously any color as long as they are friendly and bright but green ones really do me in and really light brown or blue)
2. Smile (if you have a good one chances are I am blushing while you talk to me.)
3. Personality (it doesn't have to mesh with mine, but if you don't have one we can't talk or be attracted to you. I feel like Gollum in that last statement sorry precious)
4.  A sense of humor (I dont' care if it is dry, witty or sarcastic or just down right funny but we has to laugh precious.)
5. A nerd about something. (If you can be a nerd about anything you have won me over even if it is something I am not a nerd about.)
6. Intelligence (you don't have to have an education, but at least be self taught or understand what is going on in the world. I don't need an Randy Hickey no matter how good his heart is.)
7.  Now that I said 6 if you have a good heart you are going to get pretty far with me. (If you are kind, courteous and concerned about others it goes a long way.)

7 Things I say most often…
1. Holy Moses
2. Good night
3. God bless it!
4. I will get off my soapbox now
5. Enough (to the damn dog all the freaking time)
6. all the freaking time
7. Lord help me or the other version is So help me if I have to  (and not necessarily in a good way...)

7 Celebrity Crushes.. (crap this is going to be hard b/c I have way more than 7 proof is here)
1. Jensen Ackles
2. Chris Evans
3. Joe Flanigan (I met him and no I couldn't talk to him at all just blushed like a school girl and then squeaked when I asked him to hug me. True story)
4. Michael Shanks (see above statement)
5. Zachary Levi
6. Richard Armitage (even before the damn hobbit we hates hobbits yes we does)
7. Lee Pace

7 groups or bands I want to see in concert (cause I had to add something Extra!)
1. Maroon 5 (I am totally bummed that I will not see them in March due to being out of the country)
2. One Republic
3. Caro Emerald
4. Ne-Yo
5. Michael Buble
6. Bitter Sweet
7. Imagine Dragons

7 authors that are a must buy for me... (cause I felt like if this is going to be a post about 7s then I should have 7 separate groups yes? or is that the OCD flaring up again)
1. Jim Butcher
2. Anne Bishop (but only anything with Black Jewels in the title)
3. Ilona Andrews (seriously like 8 books behind on all series and yet still auto buy)
4. Nalini Singh (see above comment)
5. Heather Wardell (I can't seem to get enough of her loveliness Holy Moses I just love it)
6. Kelley Armstrongs Otherworld series (see Ilona Andrews and Nalini Singh's comments above)
7. Beth Moore, Pricilla Shriver, and Christine Caine (I grouped them together b/c they write Bible guides for Christian women and I buy whatever they put out)

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