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Primeval Season 1 reviews

Season 1
Episode #1.1 ~ Summary
Evolutionary zoologist Professor Nick Cutter has still not come to terms with the disappearance of his wife Helen eight years ago. She is on his mind when he goes to the Forest of Dean with his friends Stephen Hart (an expert tracker) and Connor Temple (an archaeology student and avid conspiracy theorist) to investigate some reports of a large animal at large there. After finding some damage done by something large with claws they retire to a local hotel bar where Cutting is approached in a matter sure to get his immediate attention by Claudia Brown, a young employee ...

My notes as I watch:
Girl running from dino huh could be interesting....
I have to admit off to a good start.
I love how cutter meets Connor "I derived that all organisms came from aliens it's pretty sexy stuff."
After its thrown in the trash he says, "Its a work in progress" lol kills me.
Oh my Claudia Black just walked up and kissed a random stranger to get away from another person.
I do have to say Oh my with Steven he is one very attractive male. I might just like this show more than I thought.
And Rex is a super cute lizard.
Oh no the boy apparently has never seen a horror film you don't walk toward or in the mystery shiny light thingy.
Holy shit that was a weird monster.
So apparently monsters are real well that should help me sleep better at night...
I have to give the boy mad props on leaving behind anyone that would or could slow him down and heading straight for home LOL a lad after my own heart.
Well until he cut himself and the dino followed him .home. Memo to me no blood trail when hunting dinos.... plus he tried to kill it with a light saber come on the kid has style.
Yet another dino.
So they all travel to find the boy after finding the boy and we met Abby.
Apparently the boy "Ben" has seen the past.
So they decide to scare the nice dino to see where he thought was safe.
And that leads them to a shiny light.
Welcome morning and well the government to show up I do have to admit I am digging Nick Cutter's haircut.
Nick believes that his wife is in the shiny thing saying it explains everything Steven says except why she didn't come back. I mean this is a good point why didn't she come back if she loved you as much as you love her. Or are you just feeling guilty about something?
And now we meet Lesiter LOL one of my favorites.
So why Abby and Nick go to the "government" Connor and Steven go on the hunt. "I'm not really outdoorsy sinus, allergies and well the list is long LOL heart me some Connor.
And now we find out the shiny thing is called an Anomaly.
Cutter insults Lesisters who shoots back very interesting first meeting.
And already Connor is asking about Abby this looks promising.
Abby is mad at how they are treating Rex until Rex flies away after which Abby and Claudia chase after him.
Cute scene with Rex bobbing his head along to elevator music LOL Rex apparently knows how to cause some problems and enjoys doing it.
Its interesting to watch Abby work with him helps to understand why she is a lizard expert except you now when Rex flies away well never mind cause he came back.
Steven and Connor are still on the hunt well Steven is, not so much of Conner.
Steven: what do you think of this? Connor I think the scientific term is really bad news.
Where the HELL did Connor find Wi-fi in the forest?
You hunt him me I'm more logistics you know backup LOL Connor rules!
Ew gross the dino is drooling and Stephen just walked in a circle and now we're back to Ben seriously does this dino have it in for the kid or what?
There has to be easier prey then tracking this kid down at school.
How come no one ever listens to the kids. I mean even if you don't believe there is a dino out there opening the door when you hear a weird noise isn't a good idea no matter what.
Steven to the rescue with a "Pick on someone your own size" comment.
Lots of running and of course he runs to a locked door seriously well at least it doesn't stay locked for long as he pushes Steven through it and knocks him out.
Capt Ryan is the military man going through the anomaly with Cutter.
And through the shiny thing we go with Rex of course.
I wonder how long this episode is? and are they all going to be this long in length?
It is warm and bright on the other side a opposed to rainy and dreary.
Connor realizes the anomaly is getting weaker b/c his metal pen didn't go through it.
Cutter goes off on his own for what I suspect is to look for his long lost wife who picked the past over him... just saying this kind of reminds me of a discovery channel show.
Oh my looks like we have a dead body.
Someone has been here before us and they brought a camera Cutter counts the ribs to make sure it’s not his wife SERIOUSLY it’s been 8 years and from what I can tell she didn't care about you dude so move on already. Plus you don't even know if she is alive here or not.
Military guy knocks him out.
Cutter I'm staying here to look for my wife. Normally I would support this but really you are getting annoying with the whole guilt thing.
They make it thru right as the shiny thing closes.
The mean dino comes thru and Claudia trips and falls not surprising since she is wear heels in the forest get smart.
Anyway Steven puts the dino down and that folks was all she wrote.
Now back at the office and they see a picture of Helen from the film brought back. Lesiter thinks its over and Cutter is not convinced he wants to know what happens next.
The team walks away in a dramatic way and we flash to Cutter at this university office looking at pictures of his missing wife. As he goes into another room a shadow passes and his picture is missing he goes to chase down the shadow and thins he sees his wife in the street lamp but when he gets there she's gone.... Oh what is this setting us up for I wonder?
Stay tuned for 1.2

This feels more like a long review but random thoughts I had during the show LOL well I hope you enjoy

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