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Primeval Season 1 Review

Episode #1.2
Connor and Abby join forces to investigate another anomaly suspected of being in the New Forest (Hampshire/Dorset). Meanwhile gigantic bugs (beetles? spiders? ancient...) attack people on the London Underground and Professor Cutter concludes that another anomaly has opened up, to a much earlier prehistoric era --- the carboniferous. After a special forces sortie, he is persuaded to allow Abby to join the team as they go to see for themselves after Lester has agreed (under protest) to stop trains through the affected tunnel section.

I have to admit that I LOVE me some Connor LOVE him I hope they keep him...
Okay now on to the real thoughts.
First up a recap of previously with Nick Cutter talking...
I have never understood why they have to do the recap on instant streaming or DVD like the person who is watching has never seen the episode before. Add to that I Have no idea why that bothers me so but it does and now I hope it bothers you.
On to a underground scene where a woman whose hot (temp hot , not the other hot) goes and opens a window when something gross comes through the window she screams and at least closes the window and an antenna gets cut off.
Next Connor bragging to his friends what he saw last episode and they don't believe him but they think he does so of course something isn't going to end well.
Cutter and Steve are reviewing Helen's work to find out. Connor is on the computer again looking something up. Flash to Abby in her underwear dancing with Rex. Enter Conner who loves Abby's place. Connor fines Rex and guilt’s Abby into coming with him to look for anomaly.
Back to the underground and a man is a spraying around for what I can assume would be bugs and rats... not sure and really don't want to know. Noises happening but doesn't seem to freak the man out. Nope not for rats considering he just stepped over one but no worries a strange bug just ate that one so that should help.
Now we see Claudia and Leister which shows us Claudia defending Cutter back to a forest like area but not the Forest of Dean it looks really cold I still say this isn’t going to go well.
Spraying man sits down to eat and doesn't even wash his hands GROSS plus he drops an apple and picks it up to eat it again no washing HELLO you spray bugs that shit stays on you.
Flash to Cutter eating an apple and Claudia Brown coming in to his office Cutter thinks he is to blame for her death.
Connor and Abby decide to camp out to see about another dino Connor is trying so hard to flirt with Abby but she isn't having it. Instead she asks about Steven and if he is seeing anyone. Breaks Connor's heart so he tells her he's never seen him with a woman he might not like them. He could be gay. LOL not a great way to ease into a conversation Abby gets pissy and walks away.
Cutter asks what the plan is from Claudia "a cover-up Conner with be thrilled" Steven bust in he has a text from Abby that they have gone to investigate a possibly anomaly.
It is now dark looks like Conner is getting a text Abby is worried b/c she sees something turns out to be a joke by Connor's supposed friends this gets him kicked off the team for you know breaking the secret act.
Back in subway different sprayer or maybe the same they all look alike in yellow plastic suits any who the stupid man gets bitten by a spider.
Cutter comes to the forest Connor blames himself and Cutter agrees sending Connor away telling him to find a new advisor sucks for him.
DAMN IT I really like Connor.
Stupid spray man is in the hospital turns out the man is dying from poison Cutter points out that it is more of a bite. My goodness Cutter is very attractive. I really do like to look at the man.
Leister agrees to shut down the tunnels where the man was bitten.
Off they go in their black cars to the underground with a huge military presence Cutter shows up with Abby and Steven. Only Special Forces (SF) go first which ticks off Steven and Cutter cause they the badest b*tches up in here. LOL sorry couldn't resist.
Now we go to SF and night vision oh noes this isn't going to end well I can tell you that right now. Contact oh look it’s a spider bigger than my leg and they are all over the ceiling I am done!! HOLY GOD they just attacked shoots me now it is like my worst nightmare coming true. I would hate to have to be listening to this shit over the radio.
Everyone is sick and Nick is given permission to go and see the site for himself.
I am not a fan of Ryan can't wait until Becker comes in and that is just a total side girl/fangirl note. Moving on...
In goes Cutter and crowd lol looking all bad ass apparently spiders here are sensitive to the light oh PS cutter and group look up and all around you these bugs is smart.
Cutter: I don’t like this" seriously my friend who the hell would?
Steven steps on one which is funny just the expression alone.
Abby finds a cut out in a fence and they head into another part of the tunnel look its anther anomaly yay or maybe not.
All of the sudden the spiders start heading back and Abby wonders why turns out something nastier is in the room not just the spiders.
It attacks and ewe Steven can't see it b/c its above him on the ceiling Nick lets it chase him so Abby and Steven can get out of here. He barely made it thru to another door and hears his dear sweet psycho wife calling his name.
Claudia and Steven argue about it which means since they don't know what they are dealing with Connor gets called back.
YAY for Sarai finally we get Connor I'm super happy about it. *clears throat* 
Steven goes back to the tunnels in hopes of finding Cutter his BFF before going he gets a blow torch I'm assuming that is what it is. yep that's what it is well don't waste all the fire on the stupid spiders seriously my friend wait until you see the nasty monster. Doesn’t matter cause Steven gets bitten swears he sees Helen and Cutter has to figure out what to do..
Claudia knows that Steven now is not answering she is pissed sends Ryan down Connor makes a grand entrance.
Holy shit Helen is back I freaking hate that brood. She can't die soon enough for me.
Cutter finds Steven and tries to help him but Steven has been poisoned Steven tells Cutter that Helen's alive she gave me a message she's waiting on the other side of the shiny thing if you want to know the truth you have to go after her.
Bloody bitch I really don't like here.
Steven tells Abby that she is beautiful they flirt they are at the hospital and they need the venom from the thing that bit him.
So back into the creepy ass tunnel making sure that the spiders head through the shiny thing.
Cutter is back in the tunnel looking for the dangerous centipede back to Connor who must save the day to make up for being an idiot again with its my fault Steven is going to die yadda yadda yadda.
And Cutter decides to go in and Connor too he says goodbye to Abby.
And into a dark cramped hole they go in hopes of getting some venom. that whole sentence is wrong seriously did the writers sit down and go what is the stupidest thing we could have 2 grown men do to save a friend oh yeah go through a dark hole after a poisonous centipede oh well at least they brought Ryan with them who has a gun someone in this whole bloody operation is being smart finally.
They make it to the bug who does attack they manage to get the venom and kill the damn monster back at the hospital we see Abby and Conner waiting to see if Steven will make it.
Connor "you really like him don’t you" Connor understands b/c he is in love with Buffy the Vampire slayer LOL love him and his references (PS I am currently doing a re-watch of that series now so go figure.)
Steven wakes up and is sitting in bed reading Claudia Black comes in to the room and asked about Helen
Steven doesn't remember and now here's Abby who asked him what he remembers apparently he doesn't remember telling Abby he likes her.
Abby is upset as would I be
Flash back to Cutter staring at the shiny thing and Connor appears to talk to him. Connor wants to be back in he gets an atta boy. Connor: All my life I wanted to being a crime busting gang and now I am. I don't suppose you'd consider giving me a cool nickname? Gawd how can you not love this character.
Nick debates about going through after his wife and ask where she is and what does she want. But he is smart enough to not go in.
Again a flash forward to show us what will happen next time LOL and well you know my feelings on that!

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