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Primeval season 1 review

Episode #1.4 Lester begins interrogating Helen Cutter in a high-tech Home Office maximum security wing, but gets nowhere; she demands that Nick be brought to her. Meanwhile Connor achieves his dream and moves in with Abby, to the amazement of his friends Tom and Duncan, who decide to put a tracker on him and thereby follow the team to a sport stadium where another anomaly has opened in the restaurant kitchens. Tom and Duncan manage to take a dodo home with them before they realize it has a very nasty bite.

Recap again Helen's back by force.... opening scene a sound like a tiger and looks like kicks chasing a ball a woman screams at them and goes back to her bathroom where her little boy is at. It looks as if there is a snake in the toilet. Great cause I needed that especially with me heading to India and going to a bathroom in a hole that’s in the ground. Yep needed to see the snake thing that helps so much thank you Primeval.

Flash to Helen at a table who looks pissed off

NERD MOMENT: or a side note either way is fine I don’t’ understand why or how her boobs manage to stay so perky when she’s been in a far, far away land with no shower, or toilets and no clothing and yet she’s clean and her boobs are nice and her hair is colored and managed…I’m just saying I live in USA and my hair, boobs and clothing don’t look nearly as good as hers… nerd moment/rant/side note over.

and tells Leister that he's kidnapping her you know except for the fact that she's considered dead so it’s technically not kidnapping. Have I mention how much Leister is growing on me. I mean I personally think he’s a douche, but a douche that for some reason I’m starting to support LOL.

They have another anomaly call out and everyone rolls in all bad assery love how the kids have their hands up ready to be arrested like they assumed the position. Stephen kicks a ball C calls him a bloke Stephen replies jealous. SO up they run a bunch of bloody stairs only to hear Cutter telling them to relax it was only a python. The woman screams and says only a python what the hell were you expecting? Conner holds his ear and says owie lol Man I really heart him.

Back to Helen who of course knew this whole time it was a false alarm but now Leister knows she knows (you know LOL sorry couldn’t resist). Leister tells her it’s her duty as a citizen to tell them the information on the anomalies but Helen being the witty shit she is tells him as he pointed out earlier she doesn't exist so how can it be her duty. Claudia sticks up for Leister and states that at the end of the day it is about saving lives so just help. Yeah bitch help geez. Helen demands that Nick be brought to her and she will tell them everything they need to know. What is he a cabana boy? I know in the US we don't negotiate with Terrorists and honestly at this point I say put a bullet in her head and let’s move on. But apparently no one cares what I think so they ignore the suggestions.
Apparently Claudia and Cutter are a flirting in a weird twisted way but, Claudia admits that she needs him... well to help with his damn ex-wife Whom by and by no one likes. Talk about an ex that won't go away yo. Cause sometimes throwing in getto talk helps the situation.

Back to the bathroom with Stephen holding the python and Conner trying to reassure him by telling him it’s only a baby they can grow up to 20 feet long. Stephen happily hands over the snake to Abby and leaves for a bigger sack when really he’s scared. Just in case you weren’t able to figure that out on your own. While Stevens away Conner will play by asking Abby for a favor she says whatever we’ll talk about it in a minute which Conner takes as a yes. Abby leaves for a “tea break” while Steven and Conner look at each other Conner being the brave little man he is says, “I’m not touching it” Please keep in mind this whole time Conner has been sitting on the pot typing on the computer…

Helen vs. Cutter and the show down begins. PS Cutter is EXTREMELY PISSY with Helen as he should be. It just cracks me up b/c I’ve never seen him this pissy. That’s not true he was like that with Conner. Helen tells Cutter that Saber Tooth killers will be going thru London soon. Cue scary music
Conner arrives at Abby’s with his two nerdy not good friends who have set him up yet again. DAMN STUPIDs. Abby is in her underwear again and apparently she only wears pants when she is out in public. Conner is smart enough to wiggle a kiss out of Abby in front of his friends which only makes dumb and dumber D & D well you know. Oh and another side note Abby’s freaking flat is amazing!!! Conner strips to undies and Steven shows up with both in their undies I wonder what he’s thinking. Really he’s over there b/c Helen has decided to spread information. I personally don’t think it’s true. She’s not as callous as we image really Nick really?

So Helen gets to go to a soccer arena it looks like she is way too excited to “be helping” bitch has something planned I’m telling you. Why does Conner have to open the door isn’t that what Special Forces are for? Claudia calls her out on her bluff. Wait why does the fugitive we don’t trust have a big ass knife? When and how does that make sense? Oh look an anomaly. So when they open up the fridge the magnetic pull happens Cutter yells get down where everyone but Conner apparently does. Steven catches a pot before it hits him and tells Conner, “This is where you duck” LOL Conner agrees and gets down. Everything metal in the damn kitchen gets sucked in. Meanwhile Conner’s stupid friends have followed him to the soccer field. Helen runs into the supposed anomaly that tigers were supposed to be coming out of TOLD YOU SHE WAS FULL OF IT! Stupid woman hate her.

Well Ryan SF goes into the anomaly to get Helen back Steven follows only to discover a plane of a thousand anomalies that was that clever woman’s plan all along. The team is such awe of this they forget to block the damn anomaly they have and so an incoming occurs of dodo birds… yes you read that right dodo birds and they have some nasty things with them that Conner’s stupid friends take home. Any way before that all occurs there’s this stupid Scooby Doo like scene as SF and Cutter and gang try to round up all the birds and put them back. It’s kind of like trying to round up a chicken penguin breed. They’re cute and stocky but not in to being cornered… nor very bright. Of course one of the birds eats the tracking device any who you see where this is going and how it will end. Oh also like I said very Scooby Doo in the monster chasing the kids before it gets caught moment.

Abby thinks their cute Conner thinks “they’re so dumb” Which Abby disagrees with not dumb just trusting. They manage to get the dodo’s back through the anomaly. It’s not too long before we hear “Professor we have a dodo down” LOL Conner thinks its b/c he ate all the pies turns out not true. So they go to cut up the dead dodo (cause you just can’t type that statement enough) When they do the bird moves they freak and hey did you know it’s not just muscle spasms?
Okay so something EXTEMELY NASTY just came out of the dead dodo’s mouth making everyone in the room go ugh and me choke back a scream slash disgusting ugh myself. Whatever the worm like creature is it goes after Abby. So meanwhile back at D & D’s house the kidnapped dodo keeps trying to eat the remote finally attacking the TV when it hears a loud roar from a fake T-Rex. Needless to say the violence escalates from there as it attacks one of the D’s which FYI not in their nature normally.

Ooh so we just got a science and as Jack O’Neil would say a waste of a perfectly good explanation cause whatever. Needless to say the stupid one of D & D that got bit doesn’t look good for him. Speaking of which he’s on the floor not feeling good the dodo locked up is attacking the bulb D the fat not smart one but the one that hasn’t been bitten runs from the other that tried to attack him. He then goes to Conner to get help who calls in the Calvary. Apparently they stole government property which is treason. They find the dead dodo and Steven ask “you know those movies where you think the killer’s dead and they jump up again?” Ryan answers yes and he hates those films for the record I do too oh and so does Steven. So he lets Cutter go first to make sure its dead.
So the other half of D & D heads to the hospital in hopes of fixing whatever is wrong with him they find out he’s at the hospital and follow there. Oh and the guy bit a doctor who is definitely suffering from it. Claudia thinks Helen set them up Cutter says no I tend to side with Claudia. Infected D heads to Abby’s work place I’m guessing. She has figured out that he is infected. He doesn’t want to hurt her which is nice of him but still makes him scary as hell.

The other D is acting stupid and thinks everything is a conspiracy.  For some reason they head back to the stadium where it all began oh never mind it was to get to the anomaly which turns out is closed so that leads to infected D to chasing Abby b/c the parasite has completely taken over. Luckily Abby can handle herself to a point. D catches Abby and well tries to bite her they try to shoot him, but Conner interferes with stories of BG and them hanging out. This keeps him sane enough to fight until he dies naturally. Conner loses one of his close friends. He tells Cutter he can’t do this anymore. Cutter tells him that we need you and then hugs him such a sad sweet moment.

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