Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This SPN scared the crap out of me... seriously

First off I TOTALLY hated this one and yet LOVED it. GEEZ talk about heart attack central this one freaks me the hell out so I thought... why not watch it and give you my play by play as a review b/c otherwise I won't sleep tonight let alone look in a mirror again for a while!

So here we go! Another flashback WE GET IT I own the damn DVDs this isn't TV just stop with the bloody flashbacks already!!! *clears throat* okay let's move on... enter 3 annoying little girls have a sleep over and playing true or dare. Do you remember that game? I do and trust me it sucked you were pretty much damned if you did and damned if you didn't. Needless to say the girl in question starts off with true and switches to which she gets dared to go into the bathroom and say bloody Mary 3 times. How many of us have actually at one point or another done this?
Uh well this idiot did as a child and I WILL NEVER DO SO AGAIN EVER.... especially after watching this freakishly scary show. Okay so she does the dare nothing happens her girlfriends scare her and her dad yells HEY KEEP IT DOWN! Okay so he didn't yell so much as sigh deeply like Oh my freaking Gawd why am I in charge of this slumber party? So he heads back to bed and passes a mirror and "Oh MY FREAKING CRAP there's something in the mirror and jenkies has nothing on the noise that just escaped from my lips let alone the word." Sad part I can tell you that I've seen this particular show about 5 times and it still makes me almost wet the bed.

Okay *cough* let's move on. Holy crap how many mirrors does this guy have? It doesn't get any less creepy as he heads into the bathroom. Flash to the young girls who are gossiping or whatever when das older sister walks in and gives them crap of course younger sis hands it back. She heads upstairs and sees something suspiciously like blood so of course she opens the door and screams the famous horror movie scream. Now we see Sammy lying on the bed and opening his eyes seeing none other than Jessica up on the ceiling and calling his name then she erupts in this blue flame... seriously that can't be good can it? Nope it can't be as he screams and she asks "Why Sam?"

Then the voice of an angel interrupts telling Sam to wake up. Aww its Dean in the car shaking Sam awake "I take it I was having a nightmare?" Sam asks. "Yeah another one" Is the sexy reply from Dean. See all those who doubted that I could write eat it!

The boys appear to be in Toledo Ohio to see what happened to a mysterious man in the newspaper which is how they find their cases. They happen to be at the morgue which seems to be the MO for them. The guy behind the desk doesn't want to give them access until the boys greasy his palm sweaty nasty hands.

Dean: "Dude I earned that money."
Sam: "You earned it in a poker game."
Dean: "Yeah"

His eyes are liquefied (the dead guys not Dean or the sweaty palm guy) ewwww seriously gross. So they debate if it is a freak medical thing to which they determine it never is so they head off to talk to the daughter who found her father. And they crash the wake. The younger daughter blames herself and tells the guys it was her fault because she said Bloody Mary and she takes the eyes or scratches them might be more precise that’s what she does. The boys try to reassure her that this isn't her fault because her dad isn't the one who said it. Flash forward to the guys going upstairs pass all the bloody mirrors (not really bloody but an absolute access of mirrors in this house seriously) The boys don't think it’s real but refuse to say her name in front of the mirror classic! And taking a page from their book I think I shall forever call Bloody Mary BM to save me the sad truth of meeting the witch.

The boys get busted in the upstairs bathroom and their excuse is they had to go to the bathroom. It’s no wonder that slash fiction is out there on these guys COME ON. Any who the friend of older sister busts them isn't buying it and apparently the dead guy worked alone so there goes their cover story. She gives them the 3rd degree. She even threatens them they try to tell her the truth which is basically that they don’t know yet and they don’t want anyone else to get hurt. Somehow Sam has a card with his number and gives it to the friend in case she sees anything. I am betting that she does (hint, hint). So now we learn about the BM urban legend.  They are in the library and the computers don’t work so they determine that the research is going to be annoying.

Go to the friend who busted the boys and she is talking to her slutty looking blonde friend (she is going to die based on that alone the SLBF) Needless to say she does the BM thing and screams just to scare her friend to death. Haha jokes on her because BM is coming to get her stupid blond bimbo slut I tell ya they are always the first to go. If you are blonde you just might survive if however you a) dress like a slut aka show your boobs in low cut shirts or b) act like a dumb giggly person you will not survive a horror movie and I PROMISE you that you will not survive Supernatural show… just wanted to get that warning out there.

Back to the SLBF who is heading to the bathroom the problem her reflection is doing the opposite of what she is. Until her eyes start to bleed and now look whose freaking out. YEAH I told ya. Any who her weird reflection tells her that “she did it she killed that boy” whatever that means. I think it’s a clue Fred!

Back in the hotel Sam is hearing and seeing a dead Jessica who keeps asking “Why Sam?” When he wakes up in the hotel he asks Dean why did he let him fall asleep. Dean’s sexy reply, “Because I’m an awesome brother.” Dean wants to know what Sam dreamed about and Sam blows him off with lollipops and candy canes. Needless to say Dean can’t find any woman who has died in front of a mirror.  Then the phone rings and it’s the friend who is crying in the park and explains that SLBF is dead and that she said BM’s name. She asks if she is insane and is told she isn’t so they need her help to stop it. The help they need is to get into the dead girls bedroom. They bust out the camera for night vision and Dean asks, “Do I look like Paris Hilton” LOL I so heart him. They can’t figure out how BM is picking her victims but Sam finds something with the camera psych I mean by ripping the backing of a mirror and using a black light. A guy’s name is on the back of the mirror and now it’s time to research who it is. Turns out is a kid that the SLBF killed in a hit and run. They go back to the dead guys house and find another name it happens to be the mother’s name on the mirror who died by overdosing on sleeping pills. So Sam and Dean found a pattern in the mirrors about people holding on to secrets and BM is killing those who haven’t told. Found it in Ft. Wayne Indiana a woman who died alone in her apartment with her eyes cut out. They go to see the original officer on duty and find out that BM was trying to spell out the name of her killer who happened to mention in her diary that she was going to tell the guy’s wife that he was having an affair with her. She spent her last living moments trying to spell her secrets. The girl was cremated so the boys go after the mirror that Mary died in front of.

The friend is in the bathroom with the original daughter of the dead guy who says BM’s name the friend freaks out and now is seeing BM’s reflection. Talk about total panic which let me be completely honest when I say I would do the same damn thing.  Luckily the guys get to her in time before BM can do anything. We also learn that mirrors can trap spirits which just freaked me out even further DAMN IT! Charlie is one smart girl she refuses to open her eyes until things are better props to freaking Charlie finally a smart one!!!!

Dean asks her what happened what her secret is. Turns out Charlie had a CRAZY ex-boyfriend who killed himself because she wouldn’t be with him. Dean doesn’t think this is her fault. Sam explains it’s because Charlie has a secret and the spirit doesn’t care. Sam decides on a risky plan to summon BM himself because he has a secret. Dean is not happy and pulls the car over to have Sam talk to him about how it’s his fault Jessica is dead. Dean tells him that it wasn’t his fault that he should blame the creature that killed her or to blame Dean for taking him away. Sam tells Dean there is more to it and refuses to talk further.

So they break into the store that the BM mirror was sold to. Except there are like a 100 mirrors SERIOUSLY like that’s not a bad omen or as Dean says “Oh that’s just great,” Sadly they haven’t sold the mirror and Dean asks Sam one more time if he is sure about this.

Apparently he is because he does the whole BM thing crowbar to the ready. But, the cops show up first and Dean goes out to take care of them with this warning, “smash anything that moves.” And what do you know but something moves. Sam starts busting mirrors but no sign of her. On a side note how the hell doesn’t the cops outside hear the mirrors breaking… and how many bad years is that?

Whoops turns out it is working and Sam can’t break the damn mirror. Outside Dean gives up explaining and tells the cops that he doesn’t have time for this and heads back in. We learn that Sam had nightmares of Jessica’s death days before she died. Dean cuts in and breaks the mirror in time. But the creep doesn’t end there… for a nasty grossness and made me freak out EVEN MORE WTF IS THAT with the breathing and the noise and weird ass walk OMFG shoot me now that is creepy both boys start bleeding from the eyes again until Dean holds up a mirror and forces BM to see herself which of course melts her down into a nasty pile of goo. Again GROSS and can I just say for the record Supernatural has the whole creepy ass ghost thing down. They flicker they look hallow and well creepy and just wow Supernatural knows how to make you crap your pants with creepy.
(see seriously crazy and scary ugh)
Dean throws that mirror and turns to Sam ask “this has got to be what like 600 years of bad luck?” Back to the hotel where the girl is safe and they drive her home. Sam decides to tell her that it wasn’t her fault and she should forgive herself “sometimes bad things just happen” cue music and Dean telling him it’s good advice. Dean wants to know what the secret is but Sam refuses to tell him. As they drive out of town Sam sees Jess with a new haircut (looking good) standing on the side of the road which freaks him out.
Cue credits
Final Grade: A for freaking me the hell out
Lesson Learned: Don’t keep secrets then call BM out to play…

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