Monday, December 24, 2012

ON This Christmas Eve

I give to you my mini-reviews of some fanfic... you know cause that's all I've read the past few days. Plus after dinner and gifts you can read these and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Well I've done that, re-watched the LOTR trilogy, saw the hobbit, got the tree up, watched Revenge and My Name is Earl and well did a bunch of other crap that will not impress you... but back to the main point of this post mini-reviews of fanfic!

Alright first up is one done by my favorite Shep fanfic writers: Alone: done by SGAFan
Word Count: 27, 580
Mini Review: This one had the team, it had a mission, had a guessing game and of course it had John and some whump. It also had Elizabeth and well I think she had some worrying whump going on. It starts off with a dead child and a misunderstanding with the locals. Then goes to lightening and well lightening and a worm hole just don't mix. Add in and wound, a broken leg, and snow and well poor John just had a crappy time on his own. Yet it kept with the spirit of things it showed Carson's healing side, McKay's worried side, Ronon's best friend I must protect side, and Lorne was there as well. It also showed John's fighting side.
Best Part: Was the very beginning when they were playing the guessing game and Ronon talked about a Warat which is threw McKay's world off b/c it was an orange dog.
Overall: Was a longer read then I normal have done but worth it. I'm glad I didn't jump on board until it was complete she does tend to leave cliff hangers between chapters. I think it would've been a very interesting episode!

Next up: Cold Race done by the lovely SGAFan
Word Count: 13,936
Mini Review: My God this girl loves for Shep to have some whump to it HOLY CRAP. I seriously think she is trying to see how fast I can read and if I will have a heart attack before I finish. Alright this one starts off innocently enough until an explosion happens. John once again gets a broken leg, some broken ribs and this time add in metal to his shoulder. As if that wasn't bad enough he's trapped under rock and the water is rising. Once again the whole gang is present which is one of the things I love the most about this writer. She loves Shep, but she also realizes how important the team is to him and finds ways to include them.
Best Part: I love the parts between Rodney and John at the beginning (and I won't ruin the end) and at the end with the I've caught a cold scene.
Overall: Very heart pounding and worry intense but still a quick read. Not an easy one by any means but thankfully short enough that I was able to push through in one setting to make sure John of the outcome one expects from these things ;)

Next up: Of Coloring Books and Lt. Colonels done by Stealth Dragon
Word Count: 14,675
Mini Review: Wow I thought SGAFan did some damage to Shep. Man I was wrong she might beat him up a little but Stealth Dragon kicks the ever living crap out of him physically and psychologically as well as emotionally. HOLY CRAP I wasn't expecting such a serious read right before bed. It will teach me to read the summary before I pick one up again so close to sleepy time. Anyway the bases is Shep is tortured and is back on Atlantis. He is physically and psychologically damaged. He won't talk and no one knows what to do. Rodney won't leave his side and well Shep finds a coloring book. He doesn't allow anyone to look at until it's finished. Rodney doesn't get it until the end. And seriously wow this was heart wrenching.
Best Part: I have to say the end and no I won't give it away (YOU MUST READ IT) but I had a few tears when I read it.
Overall: Very hard to read but man it was a satisfying closure at the end.

Alright if you are looking for more great suggestions I have them you can head here, here, or here. These all came from round 2 done here. If you've read any and want to suggest them I'm game! All suggestions were made by the lovely @taris_eirien on twitter during her Fanfic Shep a day tweets!

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