Sunday, December 23, 2012

Oh no she didn't... Oh yes she did... more revenge

S1E7: Charade
So this one was fasinating... if one can call it that. Tyler suduces Nolan, Frank digs into Emily's past to prove his love for V. We learn that E may not just be a random name she dug up. Also she for sure had help from a warden. V forces Conrad to move out, Amanda the fake turns out to be a stripper and a murder oh and she did time with our real Amanda and then switch her names. All this happens of V and C's 25th wedding anniversary. HOLY CRAP as if that wasn't enough it's Frank who died WT frack people WT frack?

S1E8: Treachery
So then little miss fake Amanda comes to the Hamptons asking the real Amanda for help. And after she helps her gives her more cash and a passport to leave town what does the girl do? Well she suduces our little Jack NO I TELL YA NO! Damn it I like Jack he does not need to be a with a stripper simply b/c he thinks its Amanda. SCREW fake Amanda! Oh and if that wasn't enough Lydia regains her memory and thinks its V that pushed her off and Tyler begins to show us how much of a loon he really is?! Revenge I tell ya this show seriously can't stop shaking my head, turning my head a way in shock or keeping my mouth closed. Half the time I'm watching I find I am saying NO WAY, NO SHE DIDN'T, WHAT THE FRACK? SERIOUSLY?!?!

S1E9: Suspicion
Apparent miss Emily did not learn all this cool stuff on her own. No in fact she enlisted a master who apparently lives in Japan. She calls him to town when she learns that fake Amanda won't leave. So this also has everyone moving out including Daniel whose mad that his mom V had E investigated and followed by dead Frank. As if that wasn't enough she told the police about it and now E had to tell D that she had been in detention for stabbing a foster father who abused her. This endears her to D but not V. Ashley picks sides and its not on the team I think is going to win, but on the side of V. And then there was some cray cray happening with Tyler. Oh and if that wasn't enough E's mentor abandons her b/c of her emotions

S1E10: Loyalty
E learns of Nolan's affair with cray cray T. Conrad files for divorce from V. Jack unfourtantly falls for stripper A and other crap happens. Nolan gets in a fight with E leading to their sad excuse of a partnership/friendship is shot to shit... other than that and some cray cray of T nothing new happened.

S1E11: Duress
Now on the other hand this one was off the HOOK. It starts with cray cray T holding a gun to E's head. Then we go back to E saying sorry to Nolan for being a jerk and wants a friendship now. D is a pawn in the divorce game with his dad and mom only he picked V's side. Char the daughter that is the favorite of daddy's moves out to be with Daddy. All of this leads up to the party where stripper A is jealous b/c she wants Jack but thinks E does. All of this leads to the party where cray cray T tied up Nolan and cut him before heading to E's house to hold her hostage and led her to the beach with the gun all in hopes of getting Conrad to confess that he framed the wrong guy. (I think in his sick way he still thinks he can blackmail but at this point cray cray T it is off the table) After that we learn that E planted Frank's wallet on cray cray T making him the prime suspect. Conrad tells V its on queen B and V fakes a miscarriage to prove the prenup was under duress... All in all a GREAT ep!

So far this show is hit or miss with some rally jaw dropping moments and some really OMG did she, did he?!?! yes, yes she did moments. Not bad.

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