Thursday, November 8, 2012

Some Supernatural Trivia for ya!

The Pilot

Since I have already reviewed the Pilot here you can go there to read it then come back to get some fun trivia facts I didn't have at my finger tips when I watched that show!

Did you know:
The pilot was suppose to be a movie that was their mission and the producers blieved they suceeded.
Every street referenced in the pilot is a real street in Toledo, Ohio, Kripke's home town
The fire in the opening scene actually laughs so that you would know it is from something other than just a fire (as if the dead mother hanging from the ceiling wasn't a give away to that)
The instinct behind Dean's car was nitty and gritty everyone wanted to make it James Bond by Kripke wanted it to look like they had to nail together pieces and jerry right somethings themselves.

Urban Legend tie in/used:
This one had The Woman In White as the bad guy er girl in this situation... the legend goes that a man gives a mysterious hitchhiker a ride but upon reaching her requested destination he turns to say goodbye and discovers she has disappeared from the car. He shrugs it off as if he had been distracted by something and didn't hear the dorr as his passenger hurried away... until he later learns his passenger had died quite some time ago.
The legend that seems to mesh up with part of the legend above and what they went with mainly is the Mexican story about La Llorona (the weeping woman). In this tragic tale set hundres of years ago, a beutiful Indian princess, Dona Luisa de Loveros, fell in love iwth a handsome Mexican nobelman, Don Nuno de Montesclaros. The pricess loved the nobleman and had 2 children with him, but he refused to marry her. When he finally left her and married another woman, Dona wen tinto a rage and murdered her children. She was later found wanderin the streets in a daze, her clothes covered in blood. She was charged with infanticide and sentenced to death. Ever since, it is said that her ghost wanders the country's roads and waterways, preying on the unfaithful men.

One of my favorite quotes from this episode
Sam: What were you thinking shooting Casper in the face, you freak?
Dean: Hey, I saved your ass!

Music in "the Pilot"
Gasoline by THe Living Daylights
What Cha Gonna Do by Classic
Speaking in Tongues by Eagles of Death Metal
Ramblin Man by The Allman Brothers
Back in Black by AC/DC
Highway to Hell by AC/DC
My Cheatin' Ways by Kid Gloves Music


Is the title of the second episode and well my review is up here so read it then come back for some trivia on this episode.

Did you know:
This is the show that filmed in Vancouver and the first one to film in Canada.
David Nutter was the director in the pilot and in this episode as well.
Apparently you do have a lot more of the Wendigo in this episode but, Kripke cut it b/c it wasn't scary enough.
Kripke said that "he thought everyone did a valiant job trying to make the wendigo work, but the wendigo just didn't work" a lot due to budget and time strains
Kripke learned to not do attempt anything you know you can't execute

Urban Legend tie in/used:
Wendigos AKA the Evil That Devours is a lore that warns of black magic and cannibalism. The stories have been passed down by Native American tribes, as well as exploreres and missionaries across North America from as far back as the seventeenth century. The tale usually involves a harsh winter, and someone being cut off from supplies and resrothing to eating his family or friends to survive. Only, he doesn't truly survive, as his evil act turns him into something less than human. And just in case you ever run into one the way to kill it is a silver bullet or arrowhead to the heart. However, in most lore, during the transformation from human to wendigo the creature's heart turns to solid ice... so a silver or lead ice pick to the heart should do the trick. But the only way to be sure a wendigo is dead and gone is to set it on fire and watch its icy heart melt.

Music in Wendigo
Hot Blooded by Foeigner
Down South Jukin' by Lynyrd Skynyrd
Fly By Night by Rush

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