Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fanfic mini reviews

Okay well so far I have read 4 different SGA fanfics and as promised it's time for a mini review YAY

First up is: Adventures in Babysitting by Roo1965
Word count: 2,707 words
Mini Review: This one is SUPER cute and had the main character as John Sheppard with a guest appearance by Major Lorne, Dr. Rodney McKay and well others but those were the main peps LOL. Okay John is in charge of watching Torren (Teyla's child) and that means this takes place during season 5. All in all it was cute watching John try to manage a child and still be the Commander of Atlantis even going so far as to break up a fight between two Marines.
Best part: John changing a diaper while clarifying a misunderstanding between the 2 mentioned marines above. And it was a stinky one.
Overall: It was a super quick, cute read that showed a softer side of John and proved that he could've had a family and still done a great job as a military leader on Atlantis.

Next up is: Blindsighted by sgafan
Word count: 2400 words
Mini Review: This one is focused mainly on John and McKay with Carson thrown in b/c hey not only does he rock but he is also a Dr and well in this situation it was important. Also Elizabeth makes a short appearance. Basically we start off with John thinking he has a pulled muscle and turns out he's in more pain then he anticipated. But, his radio is too far to call for help. McKay is upset b/c John and him had a dinner date and well John is a hour late so he storms to John's room to find out what the heck is happening. When he finally gets in he sees John in a lot of pain and calls for the Dr. Turns out that John's appendix almost burst. But, no worries everyone he is okay ;-)
Best Part: I love any part where Rodney is nervous and not sure what will happen so when Rodney sees John on the floor and he's patting his shoulder, John tells him he's not a dog and McKay's response is to pull his hand away and tap his thigh. No idea why that was the best part to me but there you go.
Overall: Another great short, quick read that you can push through in between homework assignments! Plus it gives you a look at the friendship of McKay, the role of Carson, and hey how much pain John and put up with!

Next up is: Tight Spot by sgafan
Word Count: 9600
Mini Review: This one wasn't on the list of fanfic I gave you a few days ago but was on a master list given to me by sgafan. The reason I started with this one is due to having Lorne and John in it and well honestly my heart is split between these two characters. I Heart John but I also Heart Lorne lol so yay a fic with the 2 luck me! It starts off when Lorne who has crashed the jumper he and John were in. Now they have no power, they are sinking into a lake, and well Lorne is pinned and has a broken leg, ribs, and a concussion. John isn't as badly hurt but does have some injuries. To add insult to the whole damn thing the water is cold.
Best Part: I love when the boys find two weird fish swimming around them and they automatically go to Jaws and start talking about their favorite parts of the movie and which girl they liked better LOL definitely showed their personalities
Overall: Very tense read (b/c my gosh I knew they would be fine but damn girl did you have to break Lorne so much LOL) but, also very cool b/c we got to see their personalities alone with each other and how they bonded and become friends that can trust each other.

Last one for now: Just a Little Stomach Bug by titan5
Word Count: 11,200
Mini Review: first off the word count gave me pause LOL but that didn't stop me from reading this one. Okay at first I was hesitant b/c even though I know people on Atlantis get sick hadn't really put much into it like the fact that flu probably does happen and the fact of picturing John on the toilet puking and well doing the other end of stuff didn't really appeal to me but, turns out it makes for a very funny storyline. Seriously with friends like his team who needs enemies. Sheppard's got diaper rash LOL. But, then it went all serious I went from laughing hysterically to OMG Shep can't die in fanfic can he? OMG but even in the seriousness of the situation the Frankly conversation had me rolling again!
Best Part: John comes out of the bathroom after being SUPER sick and McKay ask what died in there? Seriously nearly spit pop up everywhere on the computer very fun and something I can see McKay saying. Also love when Ronon thinks John has a literal bug in his stomach LOL
Overall: Oh my still wiping the tears from my eyes. Very cute, very funny and something I needed instead of homework so THANK YOU!!

Man you guys love your John Sheppard don't you ;-) and apparently so do I. So thank you for the recs I plan to read a bunch more that were sent to me if you have any additional suggestions I am game for it! And to end this lovely review post here's another pic of Shep Vegas style
And in the meantime let's all remember where we parked ;0) which happens to be my desktop wall paper...

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