Monday, November 5, 2012

In honor of Halo 4 coming out tomorrow

I highly suggest anyone who hasn't check out these short films that have released every Friday to prepare us for the awesome game coming out.

Now after you go and vote (And seriously I don't give a flying monkey who you vote for so don't tell me) go watch the vids, preorder if you still can from here (if you can no longer preorder then just suck it up and purchase and be ready to rock next week) and be prepared to go bananas when this shows up tomorrow!

In the meantime here's a fun review from a non-gamer who watched the Halo clips you just watched and their thoughts on the matter at hand.

NERD MOMENT: Now excuse me I am off to buy snacks, soda and everything one needs for a lock yourself in and play the game until you fall asleep 2 days later marathon (this really can't happen anymore since you know I'm a student, an adult, and have a job but one can dream and yes I will still be buying the candy and soda b/c well hell I can and I will eventually play) nerd moment over

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