Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fawkes The Guild Review

Okay I actually bought this b/c I heart Wil Wheaton I just do and I have no idea why b/c he is a HUGE jerk in this series but eh I love him what can I say. SO I wanted to know what they would write about his character and then I remembered that his character Fawkes doesn't show up until the Axis of Evil in season 4 I want to say? Maybe 3 and it wrapped up in season 4. Anyway this comic takes place after season 4 before we go to the con in season 5 (sheesh I really need to review this show for less confusion purposes)

I have to admit I wasn't a fan of Codex and Fawkes but the painting was AWESOME and well they show it again in this one. Basically this is about how Fawkes deals with his breakup from Codex and wow can I just say wow. I never looked at Fawkes that way before so I was a little shocked that this is what happened in the in between series. (You know since the show is about Cyd and Codex not really about Fawkes) It was cool to see the this is what was happening to this character during this time. Before we have only seen the main characters and their back stories. But this time we actually got to see that Fawkes is an actual philosophy professor and well not a good one. His students hate him and well come on he actually wears a kilt and maybe he isn't a professor just a doctoral student forced to teach.

NERD MOMENTWil Wheaton actually helped Felicia Day write this one... which I don't know is kind of cool.

So all in all I actually thought this one has been the most usefully and entertaining on the characters. But, you can't not read this one if you haven't seen the actual Guild series b/c well it just doesn't or wouldn't make sense if you don't understand how Codex and Fawkes hook up.

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