Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Firefly: Browncoats Unite

So on the 11th Science channel had the 10th Anniversary of Firefly and ended it with a special show. The show was some of the cast weighing in about the TV show with some writers. The cast that couldn't make it did have cameos but the biggest disappointment was the Joss Whedon the creator was not at all on this special. The only time we heard from him was when he was at Comicon this last year and what he said to the crowd. Which honestly I read in twitter feeds so wasn't really to impressed with it.

There were some interesting moments and I profess to not knowing some of the secrets like Inara's big secret we all knew she had, but were never told. Well guess what we know it now and if you want to know it check out my Nerd moment otherwise keep moving on...

NERD MOMENT: OMFG we finally know what the deep dark secret was and seriously it shocked me. Not only that, but I never would have thought it was that (She is dying of a terminal illness yo) Socking I know... nerd moment over

On top of that we learned that Joss wanted a scene where Inara was raped by Reavers and b/c she took the shot (come on browncoats you know what ep I'm talking about) it was suppose to kill them as they raped her. So Mal finds her all damaged (I can't even nor do I want to think about what that scene would've looked like) and he gets down and holds her hand like she was a lady. SO FREAKING GLAD that story never made it. And judging by the casts reaction when the writer was saying that they are glad too.
Oh we also learned about the hat that Jayne wore and that he didn't take it off at all during that ep except at the very end when they are delivering the body to the kid's parents. Nice touch!

I was shocked that Alan and Summer didn't talk as much as I thought they would and in fact I thought Summer hardly ever talked. Maybe she's just shy in real life.

Otherwise like I said up top nothing really new was brought to the table, but either way I am a happy girl b/c let's face it Firefly was on ALL day and the special was a nice touch.

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